The University of Dubai has decided to allocate three annual scholarships in the name of Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid

Dubai: “Gulf”
The University of Dubai has decided to allocate three full annual scholarships for outstanding students in the name of the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, God willing.
These donations come in full and in honor of the memory of the late, who paved the way for a national donation, especially his unwavering support for charitable projects, outstanding educational performance, scientific research and health programs Join hands with the University of Dubai. .
The University will, at its own expense, provide these full annual scholarships for outstanding students who receive an average of 98% or more in high school. These scholarships will be allocated for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration, information technology or electronics. And communication engineering.
Dr. Isa Al Bastaki, President of the University, emphasized that the University raises the slogan and goal of “Quality of Education” in the UAE and is keen to associate and name this education grant with the principle of “Scientific Excellence”. Annual “Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid” Scholarship, Note that the University will cover tuition fees every year. One year and four years for each outstanding student eligible for this scholarship.
He congratulated his son and daughter high school students for their success and excellence and welcomed them to the University of Dubai, despite the circumstances and challenges imposed by the Corona epidemic on the educational process.
He said the university is preparing to receive and accept its students in their new academic year and is constantly working to develop its program and the disciplines it offers in light of the UAE’s wise leadership guidelines for the future. Match these programs and disciplines with current and future labor market demands, all of which are recognized by the Ministry of Education in addition to international credit.
He noted that the university has always wanted to attract distinguished students of all nationalities, and in this context, it has allocated scholarships for national students to study in the College of Engineering and Information Technology and there are discounts for outstanding students in addition to many scholarships. For different sections.

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