The Sultan has approved 375 new scholarships for undergraduate students

Sharjah: “Gulf”

Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and ruler of Sharjah, confirmed that the acceptance rate for scholarships offered by Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority for high school students has been reduced from 85% to 70%, with acceptance rates at Sharjah University. Match. And so students who fail to register for the scholarship can get it, as their number exceeds 300, explaining that the commission has no excuse for not accepting students.

His Excellency the Governor of Sharjah, in a telephone intervention on the “Direct Line” program aired on Sharjah Radio and Television, said Hassan Yaqub Al-Mansuri, Secretary-General of the Sharjah Media Council: 70% for Sharjah Water and Gas High School students instead of 85%, because some may wonder why this was reduced. This reduction is 6 Because it is basically one of the conditions of the scholarship that the student is accepted in Sharjah University, and the university now accepts from 70% rate, what is the excuse of the authorities if he refuses to give the scholarship to the student? Already accepted to university? There is certainly no excuse for this, so we have reduced the acceptance rate for scholarships according to the acceptance rate of the university.

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Sultan said: “The majority of applicants for scholarships from the authorities are above 70%, but we have reduced the acceptance rate of Sharjah University, and the number we have failed to accept is not small; it has exceeded 300 students. We have reduced the acceptance rate and God willing they will be good students. ”

Necessary Measures

His Excellency Abirat, the ruler of Sharjah, said: “I would like to point out another issue, which is that many are waiting for graduate studies, at a time when it has become clear to us that the late graduates have adopted specialization. Not everyone in society needs it. This number of them, for example, specializes in law. With 50 doctors per year, this number exceeds the needs of the society, so we must first focus on graduate studies in medical and engineering colleges, so that we have a collection of doctors and engineers, so that inventors and creators can be among them. “

Reliability of the formula

His Excellency the Ruler of Sharjah continued his speech by saying: “We are facing another problem in postgraduate studies, which university doctors and professors have personally complained to me, because doctorates are not taught in classes where there are several students, but Is taught so that the doctor can take care of the student to graduate at a higher level of science, and nevertheless, some students come up with unregistered sources in their studies, and this is really a hassle, as it wastes the time and effort of the doctor responsible for teaching this student. Because he refines and filters this information only to keep it accurate and reliable, and it is also a waste of the money we spend on this study. , As well as student time that seeks to advance his or her knowledge and understanding. “

His Excellency added: “Therefore, I suggest to the University that I sit down with the doctoral students and give them a lecture, to review the manner in which the documentation has been selected. Not everyone who provides information can take documentation from him, even if it is. From previous eras. “I heard or appeared,” is considered a measure of testimony, but if he says: “I was told,” it is an open sentence that follows a question from the recipient, which is: Who told you? Doctoral students should not randomly collect their data from here, it is only based on the basis of documentation and rules for obtaining a doctorate. “

His Excellency Abirat said: “Therefore, the university must set limits on this, and the student who starts his research career in this way must be rejected, because it is not rejected now because this student has a grant from the government. Student studies at university are rejected, but sometimes the student is rejected. He was suspended from studies for a full two years. The student must adhere to the rules and regulations of this study, because in the future he will be a doctor and will be responsible for the study. Of future generations. If he lacks this foundation, what will he teach his students?

Scientific research

His Excellency the Governor of Sharjah said: “We now have many students applying for postgraduate studies. They say they have not received any response yet. We tell them: be patient, for the matter is with me and in my hands and will be corrected with great care and caution. For example, a lecture on scientific research was supposed to be held, but the university arranged for it in a way I did not want, as it was arranged in an open format to include doctoral and bachelor students. PhDs are related to this. Matter Therefore, I reject this discourse and refuse to present it, because the purpose of this discourse is to provide real knowledge on how to conduct scientific research for PhD students and verify the information and its reliability and reliability, all of which are first – Undergraduate students of the year will not realize that the amount of discussion and the scientific level of the questions raised before them will not be consistent with the subject matter of the lecture, which will prevent them and the doctoral students from benefiting. Speech. “

His Excellency, the ruler of Sharjah, said: “Now I am presenting the university again, and I say to you, please make arrangements for you to meet the graduating students, and for the first time you did not give such an open lecture.”

Study list

List of applicants for postgraduate studies; His Excellency the Governor of Sharjah said: “Yesterday, I received a list of applicants for undergraduate studies, each in its own right, and I will arrange with the university, God willing, to enroll in these programs. Acquire knowledge that benefits society, because this student Her personal efforts and the money spent on her studies and the time and effort of the doctor overseeing her studies.

His Highness added: “We are now facing a problem with the number of applicants for undergraduate studies in some subjects like law. Students must choose another study that society needs. “

Benefit the society

His Excellency the Governor of Sharjah concludes his speech by saying: “The doctoral student must submit a study which has not been presented to the university before. These universities were established for personal gain as well as for the benefit of the community.For the students, we wish all the best to the students and the society.

The ruler of Sharjah has approved 375 new scholarships

Sharjah: Jihan Shuaib
His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, has approved 375 new scholarships in addition to the 788 scholarships approved by His Excellency in recent days, bringing the total number of scholarships approved for scholarships. The number of undergraduate students at the University of Sharjah and the American University of Sharjah is 1,163. Scholarships are expected to open for National Service graduates in December.
Khawla bin Hadda, head of the Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority’s grant department, said in a “Direct Line” program from Sharjah Radio and Television: Or American “One of the two universities has a university number and must have a high school certificate this year, and will not be an employee, although he has previously indicated that letters will be sent to grant recipients to comply with requirements, including” 2 ” With a low growing average absence, and should not be less than “12” during the study.

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