The scholarship program for grandparents resumed on Tuesday

The lion.- Next Easter Tuesday The Delegation Of Welfare To return A Open her door for Start again The Enrollment process From Adults Larger From 65 years.

This is reported by the representative Welfare Mauricio Hernandez NunezThose who point out that once Electoral ban Two months later, Scholarship program For Adults LargerAs well as others Scholarship.

He added that those who have met 65 years Come in January Y. April Registration can already be done at various offices Welfare.

He said that at present Dr. 463 thousand 942 Adults Larger From Guanajuato They accept Pension For him Welfare And added that annual stars 9,103 million 621 thousand pesos Only those who exercise for this program.

“The Pension For him Welfare From Adults Larger Its uncertainty has changed A great percentage In the family GuanajuatoAlmost Half a crore From us Adults Enjoy it Constitutional rights Y. Public“Federal officials said.

“Today, 463,942 adults in Guanajuato already have their welfare pensions.

He comments that Pension Comes Direct A The pockets of the people of Guanajuato, Without intermediariesWhich has a significant effect Economy Family.

“The goal is To include everyoneThat an adult is left without this Advantage Which can be requested now A From 65 years Appreciate people will be charged an amount 3 thousand 650 rupees Every two months pesos, what we are looking for is direct payments without intermediaries, “the federal official announced.

The Economic cycle Something else Moving With the entity Economic expansion That comes A Guanajuato families, which this year 12 billion Its weight 11 programs From The federal government That works Guanajuato For big teams Weak.

He made it clear that the beginning of the ceremony and Dr. Campaign From Corporation Will be held across the country 18 to 30 April And will participate in it to avoid crowds Block Alphabetically

He explained that those who have met them 65 years Within months January A April They will be able to attend on the respective day A His Last name.

First, from April 18 to 25 Who may be present Adults Larger That’s yours Last name Get started A, B. Y. C (Alvarez, Besserra, Campos), just to mention a few examples.

The days 19 to 26 April Those Last name That starts with the letter D, And, F, Yes, H..

The days 20 to 27 April Those who can attend Last name Start with letters N, 3, Is, P, Q. Y. And.

22 Y. April 29 Who will be able to participate Last name Start with letters Yes, T., Or, v, W., X.And and Z..

He said those who for any reason said Couldn’t attend Touch them by the last name at that moment, they will be able to do it one day April 23rd Is At the end of the good process CorporationThat is to say the day April 30th.

Hernandez NunezState that there are more of those 65 years And for some reason they weren’t included they would be able to do it This month.

exhorted A Guanajuatens A Let them come A The Module From Welfare, A Integrative Development Center (IDC) Is A Any 10 regional departments Located in Condition From Guanajuato A You do Method From Corporation.

He remembered that Condition It has 46 branches Secretary Of Welfare Also located 15 banks Of Welfare From Guanajuato.

He explained that it was essential Adults Larger Registration A A Relative or kin As your helper PensionSo that the adult in the case I can’t go A The collection is yours PensionLet your helper do it.

Finally informed Interested You can consult Date, Time Y. Ubication Of the corresponding module Portal Identify your, where to go with them Updated documents What? INE certificatePassport, PrimerProfessional license, Inapam certificate Is Identity card, curp And birth certificate Readable Y. Updated, Proof of address Not the main one A Six months (TelephoneLight, GasWater Is predial), Y Telephone Contact to follow A You Method.


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