The Doctors Syndicate addresses the highest universities for providing scholarships to the children of martyrs

The General Syndicate of Physicians addresses the Supreme Council of Universities for granting scholarships for male and female students from the children of martyred doctors.

Dr. Iman Salama, a reporter for the Social Committee of the Physicians Syndicate, said that the Syndicate was in constant contact with Egyptian universities for the benefit of the children of the martyred doctors.

And Salama added in a statement that she had approached Dr. Hosam Abdel Gaffar, secretary general of the Supreme Council of the University Hospital, to provide scholarships to universities and educational institutions for 18 male and female students from among the martyred doctors’ sons. Various governorates, noting that the University Hospital Secretary-General has emphasized the praise of the University Supreme Council for Martyrs. Doctor, and he will work to provide scholarships for the children of martyrs.

Representatives of the meeting and a member of the General Syndicate Council of Physicians. Iman Salama said the committee had provided a study subsidy of হাজার 200,000 to 58 families of deceased doctors and had death benefits. A total of ৭ 1,960,000 has been paid to 45 families of martyrs in the coronavirus, with পুরুষ 135,000 to be announced by the social committee, in addition to emergency medical subsidies for 57 male and female doctors. A report on his overall work per month.

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