The distribution of applications for school scholarships has begun – El Sol de San Juan del Rio

In order to contribute to the family economy of the basic and higher level students of the municipality of San Juan del Rio, the distribution of applications for school scholarships begins.

In his speech, the president of the municipality, Roberto Carlos Cabrera Valencia, noted that this kind of incentive, now in the strongest part of the Covid-19 epidemic, has become a great support for returning to face-to-face classes, and is expected to reach a total of 20,000 beneficiaries during his tenure. Being done.

He urged children and young people to continue their efforts in terms of their use, to integrate a good social fabric for San Juan del Rio that could promote joint participatory behavior with government and teachers.

He said the applications would be delivered to two venues to focus on San Juan del Rio’s colonies and communities, and the results would be announced as to who would benefit from the benefits. Later

According to the municipality’s social development secretariat, some people started standing in line from 9pm on Sunday, however, he said that all the documents would be received on time and at a pre-established time through the network’s official social call.

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