Support: The Student Foundation of the Technical University of Brandenburg / Havel provides financial support.

The deadline to apply for the Student Foundation’s current award round is December 15.

Students from the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences (THB) who showed exceptional achievement, who were very committed or had financial problems, were eligible to apply. The current applications relate to the summer semester 2021.

More grants than usual

In 2020, exceptionally, scholarships from the Student Foundation were awarded three times, when there is usually only one application time per semester.

“This is a special year and our students are more dependent than ever on financial aid. We are fortunate that the foundation is supported by generous donors, “said Professor Dr. Eng. Bernhard Where. He is part of the commission that selects scholarship holders for job interviews.

Money is a blessing for students

In a special meeting with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in early October 2020, he was able to offer an additional scholarship of a total of 21,000 euros. Another 14 scholarship holders are each happy with a 500 1,500 scholarship. Larissa Menz and Christian Canana are also among the lucky students.

Thanks to the scholarship, 25-year-old Christian Kananau can better concentrate on his master’s thesis in business informatics.

Comfort in daily life

“I usually work 20 to 30 hours a month for a software developer to support myself. Now I have been able to halve the number of hours, “he said.

Thanks to the scholarship, Larissa Menz was able to finish her practical semester at the company of her choice: “I always worked alongside my studies. Without that money, I wouldn’t be able to afford a temporary apartment in Wiesbaden. ” The student of optometry is currently working at a modern institute for contact lenses.

Growing Foundation

Scholarships are funded from income from the Student Foundation’s ever-growing foundation assets and are funded by grants.

In 2020, a total of around 30,000 euros was distributed exclusively from the foundation. Which is more than double that of 2019 In 2007, the foundation was started with funding of 2,650 Euros with the help of a handful of regional entrepreneurs.

Among the founders was the then president of the university, Professor. Rainer Janish. “I am extremely grateful to the many donors who have actively supported this foundation to this day,” he said of his significant career.

You can find more information about the THB Student Foundation here and how to apply.

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