Study Grant: It doesn’t always have to be excellence

If you want to get a classic in the study grant, you usually need a good grade and an adapted CV. However, there is also the opportunity to help students with cracks.


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StudentStiftung des Deutsche Welles support, German scholarships from the federal government, and sponsorship of economics or the study of Kusanas-work: all of these scholarships are aimed specifically at talented students. While talent does not necessarily equate to excellent grades, it is a particularly important prerequisite for allocating funds to many foundations and talented organizations. But now there are organizations and companies that pay little or no attention to excellent grades, but show commitment, talent and innovative spirit – or distribute their funds among those who have very special talents, interests or needs.

Of course, this support is often not entirely altruistic, as it is usually associated with issues that are important to the founder. For example, a well-known Swedish furniture store rewards 500 euros per month for six months to those who write a thesis on “Living”. Behind some of the donations is an organization that seeks to demonstrate its social commitment through advertising. So every applicant should make it clear in advance whether he will be able to get acquainted with the company behind it, as he will indirectly become a personality.

For example, we are offering five scholarships for students who are not looking for good grades.

Savings grants

A prime example of funding for students who eat pasta with only oil at the end of each month or buy bread from a baker the day before is a grant from the “” portal, a Berlin consumer portal founded in 2009 offering vouchers and more than 2,800. Most online stores offer discount codes and free samples, which will then pay for their placement. As mentioned, it does not look at academic achievement, but at achievement. Anyone can prove in the form of an essay or a short video application that they can successfully finance their student life with little money. The three winners will each receive 300 euros per month for twelve months and, if they wish, can complete a paid internship (approximately 3,000 euros fee) on the online platform. According to the founder himself, the best example of a “savings grant” is still a student who finances himself almost exclusively with free samples and vouchers and, according to his own information, needs 100 euros a month.

Promotion of orphans and semi-orphans

Anyone who has lost both their parents or even their parents simply does not have to deal with this loss emotionally. Loss of income often leads to financial difficulties. Because Bafög and orphan or half-orphan pensions are often not enough to finance training. “Sebastian Bildungstependium” is therefore for students aged 17 to 27 and students who are German citizens. Anyone wishing to apply must have a clear goal, such as applying for an apprenticeship or obtaining an academic degree. The foundation then supports the cost of living as well as school fees and tuition fees within a predetermined period. Costs are also covered for one-time needs such as travel materials for teaching materials, tutoring, language courses or job interviews. The Foundation offers dedicated funding to cope with psychological and physical recovery or to cope with grief. Each scholarship holder receives a mentor from the foundation who advises them personally and their contact person. Scholarship holder meetings are also held regularly. During the training a written report must be made and at the end of the financing a summary must be made of the extent to which it has contributed to the success of the project. Scholarships are awarded once a year, the number of recipients varies.

Scholarships abroad for parents

Studying with a child is not often a picnic – especially from a financial standpoint. Mawista, a health insurance company for expatriate Germans and for foreigners in Germany, a partner of Alianz Insurance Group, has taken this as an opportunity to pay 500 euros per month to a student who wants to go abroad with a child. An international student with a child who wants to study in Germany The determining factor for fundraising is not the list of grades or specific research goals, but the evidence that you can master the balance between study and childcare through your willingness to invest in education and exceptional motivation despite having a family. High degree of organizational talent. The health insurance company reserves the right to change the annual law for scholarships. The Mausta Scholarship was once aimed at “outsiders”, such as long-term students who are changing majors or math students who have an A in their abyss. In the last four years, however, it has only been given to students with children.

Progress grants

The funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is aimed at “specially inspired professionals,” according to the BMBF website. Students who have already completed vocational training and are now aiming for a first degree at a state or state-recognized technical college or university are envisioned. Another requirement: Applicants must work at least 19 hours a week in their profession for at least two years. In full-time study scholarships receive 815 euros per month, in a part-time course it is 2400 euros per year, i.e. 200 euros per month. Admittedly, anyone who has completed their dual training with at least 1.9, i.e. excellent grade, can also get this scholarship. However, applicants may also qualify through two additional requirements. On the one hand, by submitting their degrees in the so-called “National Professional Performance Competition” at the state level, they compare themselves with other graduates of the year and stay within the discipline and top three of their training – which in most cases means that the training is done with particularly good grades. Was done. However, the second requirement does not depend on the grade, as a letter of recommendation from the employer also allows trainees to apply for the scholarship. And it is precisely in such letters that special talents, talents, interests or social skills can be acknowledged.

“All-round carefree package” for thesis

Funding for academic work usually depends on the subject matter. On the other hand, for the Mentorium GmbH Scholarship, it is not considered what the applicant is studying and what subject he / she wants to write his / her undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma or doctoral thesis. Typically, students pay the Berlin Company for the scientific supervision, formatting, scientific editing, and a “plagiarism check” of their work. However, with its scholarship program for the thesis, the company helps 36 students with grants each year. At regular intervals, a committee of employees selects applicants who seem to be particularly supportive, for example because they can show in their motivation letter how enthusiastic they are about their studies, whether they volunteer or have limited time, especially for family reasons. Then every month three so-called “all-round carefree packages” will be provided. However, assistance does not have to be monthly. Instead, the thesis is formatted, edited, and checked for plagiarism. This saves students time, which they can convert into hard cache.

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