Study 500 young cuckoos with scholarships between 80% and 95%

More than five hundred young people from Cucute are lucky to benefit from the program’s scholarship ‘Generation 2050’, which facilitates access to education through scholarships offered by the municipal administration and seven universities in the region.

With this program, The municipality subsidizes 50% of tuition, And according to the university and selected career, Higher education institutions contribute between 30% and 45% of tuition, So young people only need to estimate between 20% and 5% of the total cost per semester, to have access to more professional careers.

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“Education is the key to opening the door to development in tackling poverty and inequality.. We must continue to support young people, strengthen their business and humanitarian perspectives, and one of those paths is higher education, “said Cucuta Mayor, Jiro Yanez.

They are Simon Bolivar University, Minuto de Davis University Corporation, Free University, Santander University (UDES), Francisco de Paula Santander University (UFPS)The University of Pamplona (UP) and the Confucius Foundation for Higher Studies (FESC) are the participating organizations.

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“Being associated with ‘Generation 2050’ is an opportunity to grow and make some contribution to society. Something related to a university that was not within my economic powerAnd being a beneficiary fulfills this dream, “said Esperanza Quadros, a student and beneficiary of Universidad Libre.

The administration said that during the process, each beneficiary stays with the Ministry of Education, which visits the universities and shares them with the youth. “Allows progress on a wide range of strategies, In addition to subsidizing higher education, it has become a program that allows for the promotion of leadership in municipalities. ”

“We are working tirelessly to reach more young people And to be able to provide them with quality higher education opportunities. For this reason, implementing programs like ‘Generation 2050’ and providing assistance to their beneficiaries is key to ensuring an optimal connection and development process for their present and future, “said Luis Eduardo Roero, Municipal Education Secretary.

Also, The purpose of this program is to socialize the inspection dayAgreements between the parties concerned (mayor’s office, universities and beneficiaries) and resolving doubts and concerns, all with the goal that the ‘Generation 2050’ community grows.

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Who are the beneficiaries?

To access the facility, Young people must be between 14 and 28 years of ageBecome from Strata 1, 2 and 3 and stay in Kukuta.
Scholarships were preferred for those with different approaches, leadership skills, sports competitions, artistic competitions, or those who graduated within the framework of the COVID-19 epidemic.

They do not have to have other discounts or benefits from the university or be part of the ‘Zero Enrollment’.

Similarly, those who are part of ‘Generation 2050’ must do 60 hours of social work, which is supervised by the Ministry of Education, hand in hand with the Youth Under-Secretary through the support team of the same program.

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