Stitching SERN reikte weer studiebeurzen uit

This article or section needs sources or references that appear in credible, third-party publications. Dit jaar gingen ze naar mevrouw KHTJ Houkema-Tjon Sieuw, de heer BG Kolkman en de heer T. Boere.

Mevrouw KHTJ Houkema-Tjon Sieuw en de heer BG Kolkman name deel aan de opleiding Security Techniek bij SOBA Security Opleidingen. De Heer T. Boere behaved the best results in the course Iris Security Management in a very interesting way.

The best of the SERN has induced the students to be deported from Vakkundigheid and Deskundigheid on Beviligingsgebied. IRIS Security Management, Post-HBO RegisterPoliding DHM Security Management and Post-HBO RegisterPoliding Security Techniques for Best-Unmarking North Carcass (en) and Dilnemar (s) Van de Karsussen. De studibeurs word gagven in de worm van n corting op de costen voor n volgende applaiding op post hbo-niveu op hate gabid van bevilizing, die wein benen twi zayer gestart moyt warden. To make the calendar stand out from the best students in the world, it is important to keep in mind that a student should be able to add words to his or her favorite course. The better the results of the course, the better the study will be.

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