Since the expiration of the term a week ago, there have been 33,000 scholarship applications per day

MADRID, April 8 (EFE) – The Ministry of Education has received approximately 263,000 applications for scholarships, including 42,000 from the Madrid community, since its inception eight days ago, for both university and secondary education.

According to sources in the Ministry of Education, this is a “record” figure for the previous academic year.

The main innovation of the call for the 2022-2023 academic year is that its inauguration has been brought about four months ahead of the previous year, so that the deadline for requesting this grant starts March 30 and ends March 12.

This is a historic claim by students and families because this change will allow them to know before they start the course whether they are beneficiaries of the scholarship and how much they will receive.

The aid will reach 2,134 million euros, which is about 100 million more than last year and will be distributed among about one million students.

University scholarships have a fixed part and a variable part. In the first, up to 3,425 euros can be awarded, including 1,700 euros for family income, 1,600 euros for a change of residence during the course and 50 to 125 euros for academic excellence, with the addition of a tuition scholarship credit taken for the first time.

Graduate students, vocational training, FP access courses, artistic education, language in official schools, sports education and higher religious education can also apply for the scholarship.

Fixed financial support for the latter is the same for university students, but tuition support is replaced by a basic scholarship of 300 euros (350 for a basic degree).

As of yesterday, April 7, the Autonomous Community Request Breakdown, which totaled 255,347- as follows:

Autonomous Community University Application / Secondary Education

Andalusia 25,720 / 31,758

Aragon 2,509 / 2,451

Asturias 2,132 / 1,783

Canary Islands 6,468 / 9,641

Cantabria 1,528 / 1,997

Castile-La Mancha 3,395 / 6,211

Castile and Leon 6,559 / 6,183

Catalonia 14,586 / 17,789

Valencian community 16,024 / 18,208

Extremadura 2,422 / 3,842

Galicia 5,731 / 7,904

Community of Madrid 23,203 / 19,139

Marcia Territories 3,910 / 4,985

1,095 / 1,110 in Navarre

Basque Country 361/23

La Rioza 1,508 / 807

Total 118,780 / 136,567


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