Scholarships up to 70% at Al Ghurair University

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Al Ghurair University is one of the first private educational institutions in the UAE. The university has demonstrated its academic excellence over the past 22 years in its four colleges, which are recognized by the UAE Ministry of Education as well as the internationally recognized study program. Education. Al Ghurair University offers international standards of education, international recognition, and scholarships for its students, amounting to 70%.

All students wishing to enroll in the September 2021 batch at Al Ghurair University will have the opportunity to receive up to 70% of the scholarship for the duration of the undergraduate program, in addition to the 35% tuition fee. Masters program. Students who confirm their admission to the university on the open day scheduled for Saturday, September 11, 2021, will be given an additional benefit of 100% waiver from the admission fee of AED 3,000 on top of their scholarship. Al Ghurair University focuses on providing the highest quality education to its students at an affordable price during these difficult times.

In addition, Al Ghurair University includes a selection of internationally qualified teaching staff that enables them to provide advanced theoretical and practical education in 4 colleges: College of Architecture and Design, College of Business and Communication, College of Engineering and Computing, and Law College. . Faculty members at Al Ghurair University always receive and contribute to academic research and development projects that allow its students to take an active part in more than 100 research papers annually. Al Ghurair University is also keen to provide state-of-the-art programs designed to provide students with the appropriate skills to acquire skills in current and future jobs expected in the local and global labor market.

Al Ghurair University has an extensive network of partnerships with more than 200 companies in 7 major industries and sectors that offer its students professional training during their studies and, as a result, maximum employment opportunities after graduation from the university. Equipped with extensive knowledge and world-class expertise, Al Ghurair University focuses on the career ladder and career path of its graduates.

Al Ghurair University is recognized as a student-centered educational institution. Al Ghurair University believes in the importance of its role in the quality development of students by maintaining the ratio of one doctor to one faculty member for every 15 students. Al Ghurair University hopes that students will adhere to the rigors of its academic program, knowing that the university will provide them with the support they need. The University of Al Ghurair provides the best resources to ensure the quality and reliability of its programs, which is in line with the goals of ‘Enriching the Mind and Improving Life’.

The university is proud of its spacious and integrated campus covering an area of ​​12,000 square meters with many facilities that cater to the needs of its students.

It is noteworthy that Al Ghurair University has gained international recognition from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) program for all its engineering programs, including Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering. Engineering.

Finally, Al Ghurair University offers accredited and varied bachelor’s programs, including electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering and science, business administration, public relations, law, architecture and interior design. It offers Master of Business Administration (Project Management).

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