Scholarships from the University of Dubai for citizens and residents

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The number of Dubai University of Scholarships and discounts for new students, citizens and residents in the spring semester, where the study began last Saturday, has reached more than 16 grants and discounts for various programs for graduates. And the postgraduate level, as it falls within the framework of the university’s role in facilitating science and knowledge for the new generation. As a non-profit university and aims to reduce the burden on parents.

The University has announced the continuation of registration and grant applications for those wishing to study these programs, and has provided a free number 800863 to contact applicants for registration in various programs and specializations.

Isa Al Bastaki, president of the university, emphasized the importance and diversity of the scholarship, and said that the modern and advanced programs offered by the university were in line with its vision and strategic plan to meet the demands of the future labor market. Be highly competitive and enable graduates to keep pace with the digital transformation in the business world, and these plans and programs are consistent with the Fifty Years Plan set by rational political leadership.

Al Bastaki noted that Dubai offers undergraduate programs in eight major disciplines, including Business School Management, Accounting, Finance, Banking, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Logistics, Supply Chain and Customs, while the College offers undergraduate programs in 5 major disciplines. : As a doctorate in business administration, marketing, international business, leadership and human resource management, offers 4 specializations, including college management, accounting, finance and human resource management.


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