Scholarships for your studies: Not just for high achievers!

Most sellers don’t want an IQ of 140, but want you to at least somehow associate or mark their values. Different foundations fund everything: living expenses, final projects, book purchases, travel expenses …, and for the most diverse target groups – students from specific universities or disciplines, women, foreigners, orphans, etc.

Would you like a few examples?

That Kusanuswork The goal, for example, is for Catholic students and supports monthly living expenses. Students in the same target group can communicate Albertas Magnus Association Apply for an interest-free loan. On the other hand, there are Jewish educators Ernst Ludwig Erlich Studianwork Good chance of support. On the other hand, it only targets female students Hildegardis Association, The oldest association for the promotion of women’s studies in Germany Anyone who lives in and around Ahrweiler and has lost a parent should return for financial assistance. Gertrude Ponce Foundation. It’s going to be very special with Grimminger Foundation, Which sponsors the Junosis Research Project. Some more general suggestions Academic Foundation of German Psychologists On the other hand, general financing as their main subject for students including psychology. The University of Ruhr The goal of all its students with its scholarship program – as long as they are among the best in their semester. CSU-affiliated publicity work Hans Seidel Foundation Even with a personal mentor providing his scholarship holder. Of German academic service abroad Add something to the semester abroad.

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