Scholarships for young graduates to study “Certified Legal Advice”

Abu Dhabi: Aya L Deeb

The Abu Dhabi Government Academy has confirmed that it will provide scholarships for new graduates to join the basic training program for law researchers “Certified Legal Advisers”, which it has launched in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. The goal is to increase the chances of young graduates joining future jobs.

This came at a media forum hosted by the Abu Dhabi Judiciary on Wednesday, where Ali Al Shayer, director of judicial inspections, a member of the board of directors of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy, said: “The goal of the program is to exchange experiences. Legal and judicial training for legal practitioners and various fields related to auxiliary sciences. He emphasized that the work of a team of legal advisers affects all the work of government and non-government organizations, the more the legal adviser does his job. Do as you please, there will be less error in issuing administrative decisions.

On behalf of Somaiya Al Hosani, Salma Ali, Dean of the Abu Dhabi Government Academy, said: “The Abu Dhabi Government Academy will provide scholarships for young graduates to join the program, whether in its next session or in the following course. Will have the power to nominate 25 employees from the staff.

Dr. Sami Al-Toukhi, Director of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy, confirmed that the basic training program for law practitioners is one of the first of its kind in the Academy’s programs and includes 25 courses, all of which contribute to the capacity building of researchers. The field emphasizes the potential for citizens, residents, and citizens of Arab and Gulf countries to join the program.

And he pointed out that the program targets 6 departments: all departments, agencies, agencies, local and semi-government authorities, government and non-government agencies, researchers, law managers and law department advisers, researchers, law directors and law department advisers. Department. All ministries and agencies, and all government agencies or a division of approved candidates from Gulf and Arab countries.

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