Scholarships for high school students at Lebanese American University .. Cairo University to open service center for the disabled tomorrow

Scholarships for high school students at Lebanese American University

The American University of Lebanon, in collaboration with the United States Agency for Development, has announced several scholarships for free study at the university for promising public and private high school students and graduates of technical schools in all Lebanese governorates. Charge

The scholarship provides full internship opportunities for all students to volunteer, participate in leadership and career workshops, and complete their academic studies.

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Tomorrow .. Inauguration of service and support center for persons with disabilities at Cairo University

Cairo University President Mohamed Othman Elkhoshat, and representatives of the United States Agency for International Development will inaugurate a service and support center for students with disabilities in the university city tomorrow (Wednesday).

The center aims to achieve inclusive policies and equal opportunities for students with disabilities, and to spread a culture of inclusion among faculty members and their assistants, administrative staff and students, and to provide a number of university buildings suitable for the public. Disability Two years ago, the university launched an initiative to integrate people with special abilities into the university community by teaching sign language to faculty, staff and students.

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A training workshop on “Educational Inclusion” systems at the Iraqi University of Mosul

The Iraqi University of Education College of Education has organized a training workshop in collaboration with the German University of Dortmund and the Austrian Kratz, two days ago, on the topic of “educational integration” in the German education system, with the participation of professors from three universities. And a number of students.

Educational Inclusion is an educational practice based on the principle of fully integrating students with special needs into the general education classroom at a school or university.

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Teaching Assistant Training Program in the Faculty of Nursing, University of Benghazi

Yesterday (Monday), the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Benghazi held a preliminary meeting to launch the annual plan for the scientific program, which aims to hold workshops and training courses in scientific research, English language, biology and communication skills.

The program includes the preparation of research proposals for postgraduate degrees, and the preparation to send them abroad in order to become active in the near future, in order to overcome the logistical and administrative difficulties. The meeting also discussed the financial condition of the new repeaters and resolving the issue of delay in their pay.

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A scientific symposium on “Breast Cancer” at Al-Biruni University Hospital in Syria

The Syrian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has organized a scientific symposium entitled: “Breast Cancer: A New Perspective”, at Al-Biruni University Hospital in Damascus, with a focus on recent global developments in the field of diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Related to breast cancer.

The President of the University of Damascus, Muhammad Osama Al-Jabban, said that the quality participation of professors and experts in this scientific event, who are known for their expertise and high scientific and academic reputation, constitutes an important opportunity for exchange of experiences and recent discussions. The results of research and scientific research in this field.

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