Scholarship Myth: “There are very few applicants for some scholarships” Campus | ARD Alpha | Television

Scholarship coach Corbinian Brew gives student Anna Hartl tips on how to apply for a scholarship.  Photo: B.R.

The best known scholarships are 13 organizations for the promotion of talented students. For example, you are close to a political party or a religion. You can find out which one might be right for you here: Quick scholarship checkk.

There are also many other foundations and private companies that support students. This has a good overview Mystipendium.
Simply enter the criteria. Mystipendium then calculates how much your profile matches a specific scholarship program.

Unfortunately, this failed our test www.stipendienlotse.deWebsite of the Federal Ministry of Education.

If you enter there, for example, if you want to pursue a master’s degree in Braunschweig, you will see exactly 0 scholarships. The program then only shows programs that only Brownswig students can get. Which is confusing, because TU Braunschweig students naturally have access to many programs, such as Deutschlandstipendium.

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