Scholarship from Romania – Al-Gad newspaper

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy) has announced the introduction of annual scholarship programs for the following programs (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral) in all branches except 2022/2023 academic year Is in any foreign language where the student is accepted.
Students wishing to benefit from these scholarships must submit an application and upload the required documents via the following link: (
Any application submitted outside of the link above will not be considered.
Also, the student is not entitled to amend the application form or upload the document after submitting the application or suspend the scholarship or transfer it to the next year.
Note that the application submission deadline is 3/15/2022, and if the student is accepted, he or she will be notified by sending a message to the student’s e-mail.
To view a list of Romanian universities recognized by Jordan’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, you can access the following link:
• Students must comply with the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s accreditation of non-Jordanian higher education institutions and the equivalent of their certificates.

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