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Important announcement
Provide scholarships for postgraduate degrees
Business Administration at the American University in Cairo
Higher Education Initiative Postgraduate Scholarship Program
For 2022/2023 academic year professionals
Within the framework of collaboration between the Ministry of Endowments and the Ministry of Higher Education, we are pleased to announce the opening of the door for applications for the “Higher Education Initiative for Graduate Studies for Professionals” program, implemented by the Ministry of Higher Education in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development; To receive a Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) Scholarship at the American University in Cairo, according to a letter from the Ministry of Higher Education:

The Central Scholarship Administration of the Ministry of Higher Education, in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development, has announced that it will open the door to applications for the “Higher Education Initiative for Graduate Studies for Professionals” program in accordance with Agreement No. . 263-298 signed between the United States and the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the agreement provides scholarships for contributing skills (limited space for Egyptian public institutions, universities, research centers and the private sector) national economic growth, and this grant male, Available for women and those with special needs.
1- Delivery type:
A scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in business administration (EMBA) for a maximum of one year at the American University of Cairo.
This grant will benefit the recipients in enhancing their professional skills and research capacity which is necessary to improve and follow their career path in the present and future, and the financial allocation for this grant is not specific and subject to financial mission regulations.
2- Program Application: Program Application Form (A) and Comparison and Selection Criteria for the aforementioned Scholarships (B) are available on the Scholarship Department website from Saturday, February 12 to Thursday, March 31, 2022. .
Candidates’ proposals and files will be accepted from February 13, 2022 to March 31, 2022.
Personal interviews were conducted for candidates to measure the ability to communicate and the depth of understanding of the research proposal.
There is no discrimination between applicants on the grounds of religion, religion, gender, origin, race, language, disability, social status or any other reason.
Scholarship Terms:
Score 79 on (TOEFL IBT) or 6.5 on (I ELTS Academic), 7 on (WRITING) for (IELTS Academic) or 21 (WRITING) score on (TOEFL IBT)
Work in a permanent position or contract in a government or non-government organization in the Arab Republic of the Arab Republic, provided the applicant has no less than 8 years of experience, and this period includes 5 years of leadership position, and Gets a full-time job.
Holders of postgraduate degrees or doctorates are not allowed to apply for postgraduate degrees at the American University of Cairo.
Receiving the required scores on the GMAT or GRE exam at the request of the American University in Cairo.
Candidates should not have previously benefited from the program or received state scholarships or grants through the Central Administration of Scholarship for the purpose of pursuing a postgraduate degree in the last two years.

Scholarship Application Steps:
করা Appoint a coordinator for each organization who is only authorized to deal with the US Aid unit in the central administration of the mission, provided that the coordinator’s approval letter contains the following data: name – location – job entity – email – mobile number.
গবেষণা Submit research proposal and required documents for each candidate, through the coordinator of the organization, after March 31, 2022.
The company is committed to internal advertising by submitting a copy of the advertisement.
ব্যক্তিগত Candidates will be interviewed personally to measure the ability to communicate and the depth of understanding of the research proposal. Based on the model of selection criteria (b).
Candidates must meet the general requirements:
অর্জন Achieve the required language level as per the requirement of grant. “A mandatory condition after submission”
• Candidate must be Egyptian and not hold US citizenship or permanent resident card (green card).
Must have a high qualification (Bachelor – Bachelor).
করা Working in a permanent position in one of the public or private organizations in the Arab Republic of Egypt, provided that the applicant’s experience is not less than 8 years and this period includes 5 years of leadership position.
• He must have performed military service or been exempted from it (for men).
Documents required:
• Candidates’ application forms are certified and stamped.
• Coordinator’s letter of approval is approved and stamped, provided that the letter contains the following data: Name – Location – Job Entity – E-mail – Mobile Number.
একটি A copy of the internal advertisement of the organization, certified and stamped.
তালিকা List of applicants in the internal advertisement sealed by the executive authority of the organization.
একটি A statement of employment status (in Arabic) certified and stamped by the organization.
একটি A letter of nomination from an approved and stamped institution (in Arabic and English).
• Certificate Received (Undergraduate / Graduate – Diploma – Postgraduate – PhD) with Certificate of Academic Year Estimates for only undergraduate or graduate (in English).
• Original Language Level Certificate (IELTS) or (TOEFL IBT), provided it is valid and valid (maximum two years from the date of validation test).
A copy of National Identity Card.
একটি A copy of the recruitment post for men.

Third: Documents of Private Sector Organization:
In addition to the documents mentioned above, the following documents will be added:
• (for the organization): An introductory letter explaining the nature of the organization’s work, the intensity of labor, the date of its establishment, and the extent of its contribution to the Egyptian national economy, provided that it is the seal of the approved and stamped organization.
• (for candidates): Brent to secure a private sector for each candidate.
Important Note:
ফ Form A and job status statement for each candidate is sent by e-mail [email protected]
• Documents will be submitted to the US Aid Unit by 2:30 pm on March 31, 2022
Address: Ministry of Higher Education – Central Administration for Scholarships (7 Dr. Ibrahim Abu Al Naga Street, Nasr City – Diplomatic Quarters – Cairo) 6th Floor.
থাকলে Files will not be accepted if there are handwritten documents, in Form A or job status statement.
কোনো File will not be accepted if any of the above mentioned documents are missing The file receives all its documents at once

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