Scholarship Chile: When is the deadline to apply for a doctorate abroad?

14 April 2022 – 7:00 pm

An important advantage is again available for professionals Chile Scholarship, During that administration Former President Sebastian Pinera They were suspended after budget cuts to address the coronavirus crisis.

This state aid funds to conduct studies in the national territory or abroad, it is a Postgraduate or doctorate শেষThis final postgraduate course is only available for study outside the country.

The main purpose of these scholarships is to empower Chile, considering that once the scholarship recipients return, the idea is that they contribute to the scientific, academic, cultural and social development of the country.

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Who can apply for doctoral scholarship abroad?

Chile Scholarships are for Chileans or foreigners residing in Chile who wish to pursue a doctorate abroad, If they meet these conditions:

  • The bachelor’s or master’s degree is an academic degree (With a minimum duration of eight semesters) and / or recognition of professional degree (with a minimum duration of ten semesters) or equivalent undergraduate study in the field of study conducted abroad.
  • Recognize academic excellence with at least one of the following requirements:
  1. Achieved a grade point average for bachelor’s degree, professional degree or equivalent Equivalent to or greater than 5.0 out of seven (7.0) Or its equivalent on a grade scale from 1 to 7; That’s good,
  2. Being in the top 30% of the undergraduate ranking About the generation of their bachelor or degree.
  3. Accepted or accepted, or being a regular student Doctoral program.

What do I need to apply for a scholarship?

As reported National Research and Development Organization (ANID), The following are the requirements for professionals who want to apply for the scholarship:

  • Application form.
  • CV.
  • Copy of Chilean identity card or passport.
  • Letter of acceptance of doctorateIssued by an appropriate authority of the University, or Regular Student Certificate, Suitable.
  • Bachelor’s degree and / or professional title, or a copy of the equivalent academic degree.
  • Graduation Ranking Certificate, which Indicate clearly The position that the applicant has occupied, subject to the total number of graduates or graduates. Applicants must certify the final grade obtained at the undergraduate level on the Chilean scale of 1 to 7.
  • Certificate of validity of certain permanence in Chile (for foreign applicants only).
  • Language Recognition Certificate (only for applicants who submit conditional recognition at English, French or German language level).
  • Two confidential letters of recommendation.
  • Certificate of authenticity of the information presented in the application.

How long can I apply?

Those who are interested can apply for a scholarship for a doctorate abroad Thursday, April 21 until 1:00 p.m., The process is available on the website

Those who receive this scholarship will receive a round-trip ticket to the destination country, with a one-time installation allowance of ড 500 (approximately $ 407 thousand); পরিমাণ 300 (approximately 4 244,000) annually for the purchase of books and materials; And an annual health allowance for medical insurance, which is 800 (approximately $ 652 thousand); Among other benefits.

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