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The Club Alpbach Senza Confini (ACSC) is a youth network in the Alps-Adriatic region with three countries and one goal. You have until April 15 to apply for one of the prestigious scholarships.

KÄRNTEN is a city in Carinthia, in the federal state, which receives about 4,500 visitors per year from the European Forum Alpbach in Tirol. Thanks to a scholarship, about 750 of them have the opportunity to discuss current issues and network with international speakers and participants in business, science, politics and culture. The last date for application is next Friday. Club Alpbach Senja Confini sees himself as a magnet for boomerangs that regularly return to the Alps-Adriatic region and look for a worldwide network. Applicants must be residents of Carinthia, Slovenia or Northern Italy. A total of 15 scholarships will be awarded. The conference will be held from 22nd August to 2nd September.


Scholarships are funded through the collaboration of government and business leaders who see a united Europe and work together in the Alp-Adria region, vital to their success. “We always welcome new sponsors and collaborators,” said ACSC President Corina Schmidt.

CASC Vice President for Carinthia, Dennis Warnig Photo: CASC uploaded by Mirela Nawak-Karijasevich Carinthia Events

“In addition to the annual Alpe-Adri reception in Alpbach, this year there will be an event for the European metropolitan area with the Central Carinthia + region,” said Dennis Warnig, Carinthia vice president. The goal of the event is to make Carinthia more recognizable in Europe. “


The Club Alpbach Senzà Confini is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships for the European Forum Alpbach every year. Founded in 2003, CASC offers inspiring and talented young people from Carinthia, northern Italy and Slovenia to meet interesting people from all over Europe and beyond. On a voluntary basis, the members are committed to connecting the Alps-Adriatic region with Europe.

Regional cooperation

CASC aims to strengthen regional cooperation, build peaceful relations and raise awareness of political and social issues in Europe. CASC’s mission is to promote regional integration and the idea of ​​a united Europe among young students and educators in Carinthia, northern Italy and Slovenia.


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