Ruim 12.000 students will study

Studenten un de Hojescule of the University die hate nit breed Heben, Kunnen en Anvrag Dwayne War en studitoilez. Met Die Tolege Kunnen J Hoon Inscrvingsgeld N Boken Betalen. That is the best of the best, wanting to make the academies more stylish in their endeavors, with 12,729 students who have been undergraduates who are not interested in learning more.

As a result of the Parliamentary Brecht Warnez’s visit, Minister Weyts announced that there were 5,932 students who could not be reached for comment as a student could not receive any essential information. The students of Biz 6.797 liked it very much.

But since the last two days have passed, the warlord Warrenz does not know. “Als er vandaag meer and 12.000 students aan he wachten zijn op hun studitoelage, ein bedrag om bijvoorbeeld hun studieboeken te kopen, dan wil dat zigen dat wij hens diploma Vlaandereen, ghelentejentujentejentukent

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