Rajdhani Tu Beka reactivates the program – Diario de Queretaro

Arturo Torres Gutierrez, secretary of humanitarian and social development for the municipality of Querতারtaro, said that following the election ban due to the withdrawal of the mandate, the call for the Tu Beka program had been reactivated and five more social programs would be strengthened.

The scholarship call, which was suspended due to election restrictions, will be open from 11 to 15 April. There are currently 1,400 registered students and they are verifying applications. This will be in May when the scholarship will be distributed.

He announced that five rules for conducting the same number of programs would be presented at a town hall session this Tuesday: the status of condominium, the precedent of children, irregular settlement, improvement of housing and life insurance, and medical assistance.

The Condominium Dignity program will have 300 condominium opportunities; While the housing development program will have 84 steps; And the children’s paramedics will receive 60 paragraphs, including 5,000 pesos per month.

In addition, there will be opportunities for irregular human settlement programs of 850 lots; And life insurance and medical assistance for street vendors and market tenants, extending to taxi drivers and small businesses, a total of 6,000 beneficiaries.

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