Promotion of talented students: East Germans are less frequently promoted

According to a recent study by Friedrich Schiller University Jenna (FSU), East German students are under-represented in terms of grants. This was the result of a query by Xena researchers from twelve organizations promoting talented students in Germany. The study was commissioned by the Thuringian Ministry of Science and is available from the German Press Agency.

“The results of the project – despite having a limited database – allow the research to confirm the question: are students in the East German Federal State numerically disadvantaged compared to their West German counterparts when it comes to grants from talented organizations,” said the study. The proportion of East Germans in the total number of students was about 11 percent, in 2020 only 8.6 percent of those funded by Studienstiftung des Deutsche Welkos qualified to enter their university in East Germany.

Why less East German students are being funded

According to the survey, there are many reasons for this. The proportion of educators in the East is lower than in the West, so that parents, for example, often may not be ideal for their children when applying for a scholarship. It’s not just that young East Germans know little about scholarships They often do not even dare to apply for such funds because they are afraid that they are not good enough for it.

Thuringia’s science minister, Wolfgang Typhony (SPD), therefore called for more confidence from East German students. “Unfortunately, East Germans still often hide their lights under the bushel,” Tiffany told the DPA.

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