Promote Emirates in the field of nursing, including scholarships

Ghanam Al Majrooi, Secretary-General of the Emirates Competition Council, announced that, based on the leadership’s directives, the “Nafis” program will launch a number of initiatives, including the National Health Care Program, aimed at qualifying citizens. Of nursing through scholarships.

Al-Majrooi called on citizens to enjoy the benefits offered by the Nafis program in the field of nursing, as well as to explore the various professional specializations offered in this field.

Al-Majrooi praised the efforts of leading investment institutions in the medical field to provide facilities and incentives to attract deserving and talented Emirati citizens and increase their contribution to the health sector, which has reached worldwide.

“Healthcare workers were at the forefront and at the forefront of the fight against (Covid-19), who were considered heroes by the entire community as a reflection of their vital role,” he said.

In addition, VPS Healthcare Group has announced the expansion of its program to develop and attract Emirates talent in order to provide more professional opportunities for citizens as part of the group’s support for the promotion of emirate in the private sector and participation in the NAFES program.

The group said it has a plan to create more opportunities for talent and skills from emirate professionals working in the health and medical sectors, emphasizing that national cadres generally have high capacity and tremendous benefits to maximize their contribution to the private sector. Especially the health sector.

He added that he held an open meeting for Emirati professionals at Burjil Hospital in Abu Dhabi to listen to their experiences and seek their suggestions on how to make private sector jobs more attractive to professionally qualified Emirati citizens.

Apart from the officials and administrators of Burjil Hospital across the country, medical students were also present at the meeting.

On his behalf, VPS Group Chairman and Managing Director. Shamshir Wayalil announced the creation of a roadmap for the implementation of the “Nafis” program across the group based on the views, comments and proposals submitted by the emirate. Staff and medical students, from both groups of employees. Those who have been receiving their training program for several years or with the group.

He noted that VBS management has initiated communication and coordination with Nafes to promote emirate in the private sector, adding that “the purpose of this meeting is to hear the views of Emirati workers and professional youth and understand how we can fulfill their aspirations.”

He emphasized that supporting all young Emirati talents and cadres to acquire skills in their professional life is a priority, noting that young Emirati cadres will be supported by group skills to enable them to design and prepare their careers in a unique way. To be a successful CEO who makes a difference in the society.

Instead, Imran Al Khauri, VPS’s head of business development, confirmed that the group’s goal is to attract more local talent to medical jobs, and to recruit a large number of emirates over the next 3-5 years, with the goal of building one. Strong healthcare system. And meet human resource needs by presenting and highlighting their great potential and skills through the empowerment and training of local talents.

The meeting, hosted by VBS, looked at the views and participation of national cadres working for the team and their experience working in the private health sector.

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