Progressive Scholarship: April 2022, the last collection date

National Social Security Administration (Anses) Carries its payment schedule for April 2022, of which Progress Scholarship Of Ministry of Education. It is a program that provides an economic incentive for those who continue their studies at different levels and careers.

Ensuring there will be no new emergency family income (IFE), Various financial assistance was promoted for those sectors which are most in need. One of them is the hall 000 6000 bonus for retirees and pensioners Which will be delivered from next week.

Progress is also being made in various Anses benefit programs, e.g. Food card growth For Universal Child Allowance (AUH) from May.

In this sense, the Progressive Scholarship, which will be awarded until next week, includes one Extra bonus for connection. This amount, which has been distributed since last year, seeks to ensure access to Internet services for all program holders.

Scholarship Progress Enrollment 2022

The Progressive Scholarship Program has open enrollment in all its lines until April 30. The only exception is Progresar Trabajo, which will accept applications until November 30. To sign up and get up to 10,700, you must go to:

This was revised after an increase in scholarship access requirements Minimum wages, important and ongoing (SMVM) Now the personal and family income limit, which should not exceed three minimum, important and mobile salaries, is $ 116,820.

How much will I charge for the progress?

The connection bonus is $ 1,000 This amount will be credited on the same date and together with the benefits in the account which its beneficiaries usually get.

  • Progress is neededThose who attend primary or secondary level to join the study: 6,400
  • Progress Scholarships for 16 and 17 year oldsCompulsory progress has been considered and aimed at those in their final years of high school: 6,400
  • Progress is higherWhich targets graduates at third or university level: 6,400
  • Progress workFor persons attending professional training courses:, 6,400
  • Progress NursingFor nursing students at third or university level: between $ 6,400 and $ 10,700

Progress of collection date April 2022

Currently, payments are made according to the completion of the document on the various lines of the program. Due to the Easter holidays, the Anses payment schedule has been changed and the Progresar amount will continue to be paid until Monday and Tuesday. These April dates are:

  • DNI ends at 0 and 1: Monday, April 11
  • DNI completed at 2 and 3: Tuesday, April 12
  • DNI completed on 4th and 5th: Wednesday, 13th April
  • DNI completed on 6 and 7: Monday, 18 April
  • DNI completed on 8 and 9: Tuesday, 19 April

How do I know if they have given me a Progressive Scholarship?

To see if the registration process is successful, follow these steps:

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