Municipal scholarship has been exceeded, there is resentment – El Sol de San Juan del Rio

The great demand for scholarships from the municipality of San Juan del Rio has exceeded the 14,000 pages available at two venues, namely the Sekuko and Makuio sports units, for which dozens of people expressed their dissatisfaction this Wednesday morning.

Since last Monday, application capture tables have been installed to register for the program, which aims to provide financial support to elementary and high school students in the municipality.

And this Wednesday around 10:30 a.m. when the detainees argued that the pages were over, that’s where the spirit began to heat up, as in some cases the parents spent the night on the site.

According to Rosalba Ruiz Ramos, municipal secretary for social development, the operating rules were clear and published before the election ban, so a total of 12,000 students will benefit from a variety of factors, including consideration and a thorough review conducted by staff. In this area.

“We reached the limit of our request, which was 14,000 and they were all paid, the mayor ordered us to create more pages. The operating rules were very clear, specifying that only 12,000 beneficiaries would enter (the program), as indicated in the budget. “

Nevertheless, he announced that, under the direction of the president of the municipality, the folios had been expanded, for which the distribution of tokens continued till 2:00 pm yesterday.

It should be noted that according to officials, many people were even sleeping outside venues to own one of the pages and be considered a beneficiary later.

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