Many promising and quality scholarships to promote educational and labor inclusion of students with disabilities

Attendance, progress, participation and equity are concepts that people with disabilities need to attend any project for educational and labor inclusion. To which we must also add the thought of empathy with which we must have the power to promote a just and more egalitarian society.

This is a challenge for all and is reflected in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, according to point four of these 17 SDGs, governments and institutions must “ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education, as well as improve learning opportunities throughout life and for all”.

And that is, they report from the United Nations, providing equal education opportunities for all people in their “upward socio-economic dynamics”, which is one of the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Not a trivial matter, of course, since, at this time, and according to data from the Spanish High Commissioner for Poverty and the Geography of Child Poverty in Spain, there are about 2.3 million children in our country in this situation.

In general, there is still some way to go in terms of student enrollment, but when we talk to people with disabilities, the challenge of achieving equality is a bit more. According to the survey Inclusive pedagogy in universities: teachers’ narratives‘, Prepared by a broad academic community led by Dr. Annabel Marina (119 professors from various Spanish universities) and commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, more and more university students with disabilities are entering higher education every day, although not all of them have completed their degree. The reason is encountered, especially because not all facilities are technically ready and because teachers generally do not have inclusion and disability training.

Fundacion Universia has announced 100 scholarships with a contribution of 100,000 Euros

In contrast to this situation, Banco Santander, firmly committed to educational and labor inclusion, has promoted the 17th edition of the Universia Foundation Scholarship 2022 program, which will provide 100 scholarships with 100,000 euros in aid to students with disabilities to their advantage. Empowerment and contribution to equal opportunities in education and employment.

Christina Parnas, a student of medicine at the University of Santiago de Compostela, has had the opportunity to receive scholarships from Fundacion University in a number of programs. Christina suffers from high myopia and optic neuropathy and highlights that “these scholarships have helped me a lot from different perspectives, not only because of them I have been able to acquire computers that allow me to enlarge my notes, but also printers printed in DIN A3 format.” “But because, moreover, I have been able to enter a career that has given me a lot of pleasure, although I have certainly faced difficulties.”

Has invested more than মিল 15 million in scholarships since 2007

Since launching the scholarship program in 2007, Fundación Universia has invested over 15 million euros and provided a total of 2,400 scholarships for students with disabilities to promote employment, access, advancement and mobility.

Parnas mentions it, emphasizing that “one of the greatest experiences of my life” is thanks to these scholarships. “I lived in Mexico with a mobility grant from Banco Santander and it was a fundamental moment for me as it allowed me to grow academically and personally. It allowed me to see that although I don’t have the same skills as others I had the ability to study and live in another country like myself, ”he concluded.

Once the scholarship is completed, the support goes beyond the field of education, as it continues with the students through the Fundacion Universia Employment Program, which provides adaptations to subsequent inclusion in the company through various training programs. AdviceInternships and employment.

Who can apply for the Fandacian Universia 2022 Scholarship?

The goal of the program is for students with disabilities who are enrolled in the 2021/2022 academic year, for training in degree, masters, doctorate, university degree, professional training, language courses, training in some training programs at school and / or university. Culture and sports, competitive exams and intermediate and high level training cycles.

Registration is open until April 18, 2022 After evaluating the applications, the final list of beneficiary students will be published by May 27, 2022.

Diversity enriches teams and organizations

In the case of labor, there are numerous directors of large companies who argue that the diversity of professional teams enriches the activity of any organization, since we each perceive the same reality in different ways. In other words, five individuals are able to offer up to five different solutions to the same problem and this enriches the team and society as a whole.

Indeed, in this line, they point out from research led by Dr. Annabel Marina that many professors positively evaluate the presence of students with disabilities at university, as it eliminates prejudices and helps to improve the understanding of disability. The whole education community.

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