Launch of Fatima Binte Haja Scholarship Fund

  • Fatima bint Haja: Education is the foundation of our nation’s strength
  • President of the University of Paris II: “Education is the best gift”

Abu Dhabi: “Gulf”

Fatima Bint Hajja Cultural Foundation Chairperson Fatima Bint Hajja Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in partnership with the University of Paris II, has launched the “Fatima Bint Hajja Scholarship Fund” in recognition of the need to empower Emirati women in higher education – Pantheon Assas.

The Scholarship Program is currently supporting 10 outstanding Emirati girls from various professional backgrounds in education, banking, economics, energy and international relations – pursuing higher education in international business law at the University of Paris II – Pantheon Assassin.

Sheikha Fatima bint Haja shared her views on this valuable opportunity, saying: “Education has always been the key to our nation’s strength and growth. My grandfather, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, was a staunch supporter of God grant his soul peace. Education and women’s empowerment, and as we celebrate the 50th anniversary in the UAE, we owe it to our founding father’s vision to continue investing our female talents in their pursuit of education and to develop and sustain a knowledge-based economy. “

The Scholarship Fund aims to encourage Emirati women to continue their journey in higher education and to excel in their academic excellence and to innovate criteria for selecting scholarship fund recipients and focus on academic excellence, excluding Emirati women from a variety of educational backgrounds and occupations. . Experience. The students accepted into the “Fatima Bint Haja Scholarship Fund” are equipped with the best knowledge to better understand the laws of the future technology, from the pioneering skills of Sorbonne-Assas University, a pioneer of legal knowledge in Europe since the thirteenth century. Stand among the leaders of tomorrow.

Commenting on the partnership, the university’s president, Professor Guillaume Leit, emphasized the shared vision and strategic goals for providing access to outstanding knowledge, adding that he was particularly grateful for the kind support that Sheikh Fatima bint Hajja has given to emerging young leaders. 10 bright young minds support education.

He added, “The UAE and its leadership have repeatedly demonstrated the importance of education and training in building a sustainable state, and the steady progress of the UAE has begun a significant chapter in its next fifty years. The gift of education is the best gift of all time.” We are grateful to Fatima bint Haja for her generous support. “

As France’s leading law school, participants who received the Fatima Bint Haja Scholarship for the Empowerment of Emirati Women expressed their lifelong gratitude for this opportunity. Sama Al Tunaiji, an Emirati student who received the scholarship, said: “The program offers a mix of well-functioning academic and practical modules. For anyone who wants to pursue higher education through an application, it simultaneously provides knowledge and experience ensuring that all students, regardless of background, are fully equipped and able to apply all the lessons learned instantly. Filled with content and information has yet to be effectively and accurately distributed. With the right group of teachers, I am really satisfied and grateful to be able to join such an outstanding group. “

Fatima Al Hammadi added: “I am delighted to receive a scholarship for the first time in my life. For me, the LLM program was the right program at the right time in the Covid-19 crisis. The combination of theory and teaching practice, as well as local and international experience, has made the program unique. ”

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