In the current academic year, 120 scholarships have been awarded, complete, without fees and funded by the company

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The Dean of Postgraduate Studies at Sultan Qaboos University has announced 120 scholarships for postgraduate studies, including 85 for a master’s program and 35 for a doctoral program. ) And a seat discount for postgraduate degrees from CGG.

134 scholarships

Dr. Muhammad Bin Nasser Bin Ali Al-Sakri, Dean of Graduate Studies, said: (85 for Masters and 35 for Doctorate). Dedicated to the academic year 2021/2022, including 25 full doctoral scholarships, 28 full masters scholarships, including 2 full scholarships for international students, 2 scholarships as required, 10 doctoral tuition fee waivers, 57 master tuition waiver scholarships for university staff and Of the 25 discounted scholarships for the Masters, 29 scholarships are provided for other institutions or departments, two full scholarships for the Masters are staffed by the Ministry of National Affairs and Religious Affairs of Omani descent, and two full scholarships for Palestinian students.

Mention that these scholarships started with an average of 38 scholarships from the 2006/2007 academic year, and have since grown to reach this number, and include a complete set of basic conditions and exemption from full scholarship and tuition fees, which is an unconditional recognition of the student in the program. Must study on a full-time basis and the student must earn at least 3.00 grade points out of 4.00 points or its equivalent for a Masters grant.

He explained, “All students enrolled in the program compete for this scholarship, and colleges are selected according to the selection criteria set by the college, and are distributed to colleges according to the number of programs in the college and the number accepted.”

Additional terms

He noted that there are currently no additional requirements in the academic system regulations for postgraduate studies 2018, and regarding the modification or addition of graduation period, Al-Sakri said, Not changed. “

Electronic form system

The Dean of Graduate Studies commented on the project of electronic form system for postgraduate study in the registration and approval process of research messages, emphasizing that the second phase of the project is awaiting implementation, and the first phase was completed in 2019. Includes deleting, expanding the study, and complimenting (s). Another service has been added to the project, which allows users to upload the final research thesis of a student awaiting its launch.

New software

He emphasized that a number of new programs have been recognized at the doctoral, postgraduate and postgraduate diploma levels, such as a postgraduate diploma in crop production, a postgraduate diploma in crop protection, a doctorate in English, a doctorate in marine and fisheries science, a doctorate in marine and fisheries science, Post Graduate in Construction and Management, MSc in Data and Machine Learning.

He said that the number of international students admitted in 2015-2021 has reached (950), of which 175 are still enrolled in study seats (active), noting that they were accepted with approved admission criteria for Omani students, and the nationality of accepted students differs from country to country. , E.g. USA, Australia, Austria, Venezuela, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Costa Rica, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Romania, Sweden Brunei, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, South Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Hashemite Kingdom, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Arab Republic of Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Comoros, Tanzania, Chad, Mali, Nigeria, Kenya, Djibouti, Ghana and Ethiopia.

Services provided to international students

Dr. Muhammad bin Nasser Al-Sakri, Dean of Graduate Studies, says, “A range of services and activities are provided for international students, and the International Students Department communicates with students and provides them with a wide range of graduate studies. Services in collaboration with the relevant authorities of the University for their livelihood in the Sultanate of Oman. These services are divided into three categories according to the duration of their provision for pre-arrival services for students in the Sultanate of Oman, such as contacting them and answering their inquiries, issuing visas for their entry into the Sultanate territory. In Oman, accommodation, student arrival services such as receiving him at the airport and delivering him to his residence, and post-arrival services such as issuing cards and completing the accommodation process in addition to annual renewal and healthcare, transportation, and nutrition.

He added: “The International Student Department organizes and conducts a variety of recreational and cultural activities for international students, including participation programs for undergraduate students and recreational and cultural trips aimed at introducing students to the world. . These trips are organized on a quarterly basis to highlight important tourism and archeological sites, Omani traditions and inherited folk customs and traditions in different states of the Sultanate, as well as to facilitate their integration with the Omani student community. Rate of one trip per semester.

The Dean of Graduate Studies touches on the undergraduate projects of undergraduate students who participated locally or internationally. He pointed out that there are many student projects at the undergraduate and doctoral levels that participate in local and international scientific conferences, and many student studies are published in scientific journals. The court, especially for doctoral students, because publishing references in scientific journals and participating in scientific conferences is required for graduates according to the academic system for postgraduate studies 2018.

He pointed to some of the students’ achievements, as Intisar bint Khalifa al-Busaidi, a doctoral student at the College of Engineering, won first place in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia in a competition organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers. SPE). Doctoral student Maryam bint Saeed Al-Bartamanih received a grant from the UNESCO Silk Road Program 2021 for young researchers.

The number of doctoral and postgraduate graduates last year was 37 with doctorates and 398 with postgraduate degrees.

Summer course

He stressed that the university offered undergraduate study courses in the summer semester at an experimental stage, noting that in the summer of 2019, 3 courses were offered for students of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science studying Business Administration.

He noted that the Deanship of Graduate Studies presents a series of skills development for graduate students each semester, following the latest academic approaches to help them develop their skills and increase their knowledge in academic writing, which is reflected positively in published research and scientific research papers. . He emphasized that Deanship presented 39 workshops in the 2018/2019 academic year and 1584 graduate and academic students participated in these seminars.

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