In the 2021/2022 academic year, more than 130 scholarship recipients have received awards

University of Mannheim

In the 2021/2022 academic year, more than 130 scholarship recipients have received awards

In the 2021/2022 academic year, more than 130 scholarship recipients have received awards

Deadland Stipendium celebrates its 10th anniversary on October 28 at the University of Mannheim Auditorium.

In the 2021/2022 academic year, 138 students will receive scholarships from Mannheim University, which offers four different types of scholarships: Deutschland Stadium, Mannheim Chance Scholarship from the Mannheim Foundation University, Mannheim Scholarship from the City of Mannheim and DAAD Matching Fund for International Students.. The scholarship system is complemented by top sports scholarships and the Bronbacher Scholarship for the Rhine-Necker metropolitan area, for future managers who want to train their cultural skills.

Professor Dr. Thomas Puhl, Rector of Mannheim University, on the success of the Scholarship system at Mannheim University: “Taken together, our broad scholarship system sends a simple, powerful signal to Mannheim: We have good people whom we support in their diversity and take their concerns seriously.” I do. “

The University of Mannheim proudly looks back on 10 years of German scholarship and thus further development of top-level funding. Over the past decade, more than 1,700 German scholarships have been awarded to high-performing students at the university, who thus receive non-material and material assistance. Although about 40 German scholarships were awarded annually when it was founded, the University of Mannheim has been able to nearly triple the number of scholarships annually, giving a total of 120 students the opportunity for future commitment, social responsibility and outstanding academic achievement. For the anniversary year of the Deutschlandstipendium, Mannheim University has also launched a joint project: Faculty Scholarship. A total of more than 13,000 euros came from the personal donations of professors at the University of Mannheim. As a result, nine additional Deutschland stipendiums were provided. With faculty scholarships, the university shows solidarity, especially in the challenging times of the epidemic – and recognizes the above-average achievement and outstanding commitment of German scholarship holders.

At the scholarship ceremony last Thursday, the scholarship holders met with their sponsors and mentors in a festive atmosphere.

Professor Dr. Annette Kehnel, Vice Rector of Studies and Teaching, is invited in a private exchange, as it not only helps students communicate, but also helps them identify and develop their strengths and abilities.

The program was originally designed by the students Tom Konemann, a German scholarship holder from 2017, managed and guided about 120 guests until the evening. In the keynote address of the volunteer project, for example, alumnus Weihua Wang reported on the non-profit social start-up “MyBody”. Founded in 2021, the motto of this project is “simply.grow.together”. The focus is on promoting intercultural exchanges. The goal is to establish a Germany-wide integration platform and build international friendship.

An important part of the scholarship celebration was the personal presentation of the certificate. The students not only had the opportunity to create trend-setting acquaintances, but also had the opportunity to personally thank their sponsors at an informal gathering. “For me, Deutschlandstipendium means, above all, recognition and freedom and gives me the courage to continue striving for ambitious goals,” said Deutschlandstipendium recipient Anika Gottz.

Germany Scholarship

The current allocation period is 2021/22, 120 Deutschlandstipendium will be provided. Deutschlandstipendium targets students above average achievement in school and study as well as extracurricular or non-university commitments. The scholarship supports students with 300 euros per month. The federal government pays 150 euros, with the university raising the other half from private donors. These can be companies, foundations, cities or individuals. In addition to financial support, contacting scholarship providers may result in more non-material support.

Mannheim Opportunity Scholarship from the Mannheim Foundation University

Financial emergencies in the day-to-day student life can be a heavy burden and put successful studies at risk. There are many reasons for such uncertain living. They include crisis situations, flights, lack of family support, disability, illness or care for relatives. The Marie-Luise and Normann Stassen Foundation and the former Rheinhyp Support Fund for Eurohypo Employees (RUFE), the University of Mannheim Foundation, have been supporting students with Opportunity Scholarships since 2017, who, despite their difficult economic situation, show higher levels of motivation in their studies. Opportunity Scholarships can assist eleven students in the 2021/2022 academic year.

Mannheim Scholarship

The city of Mannheim has been supporting three Mannheim University students with the Mannheim Scholarship since 2011 and thus with 150 euros per month for ten years. Excellent performance and social commitment are prerequisites. The objective is to promote highly qualified specialists and junior staff.

DAAD Matching Fund Grants

The German Academic Exchange Service supports international students with matching fund scholarships. These students are usually enrolled in programs run in partnership with foreign universities and thus earn a dual degree. Like Deutschlandstipendium, DAAD doubles grants from private sponsors. A total of six DAAD Matching Fund Scholarships will be awarded this year.

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