How to win free scholarships in America and Canada? … a pioneering student initiative

Scholarships for obtaining PhD degrees are divided into government scholarships, announced by the government, for students pursuing postgraduate degrees and seeking admission to scholarships. The second type of scholarship is from a university department or university professor, and you are paid for the work you do in addition to your studies and are characterized by your ability to choose the best university for your field of study.

The second type of grant is divided into two parts depending on who nominates you for the grant If a department of an American or European university offers you a scholarship for a doctoral degree, you will work as a teacher assistant for them, and you will receive a scholarship in addition to the salary for your work in the department; But if you get a scholarship offer from a university professor, the return will help him complete his research and you will get a stipend that covers your scholarship funds in addition to a stipend for your research work.

Do you have a question on how to win a scholarship from a university professor?

Abdullah Al-Aqeeleh – a doctoral student at Auburn University, one of the best universities in America – told Al Jazeera Net that LinkedIn is a treasure that many Arab students ignore its value; At the beginning of his search for an American scholarship, Abdullah was surprised at his friend’s suggestion to look for university professors at the universities he had dreamed of. In fact, Abdullah started searching for the best university accounts on “LinkedIn”, then entered. The list of their employees, and the addition of all the professors to his account, until he becomes he does not accept the addition of others because they can help him achieve his dream.

Abdullah was a member of an initiative started by a group of Jordanian students in the United States to help young people get doctorates from the best universities. So, Abdullah added a link to the initiative file published on “LinkedIn” for a university professor. Looking for a doctoral student to join the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Abdullah would not add it without making sure it was not impossible.

Abdullah posted a valuable file on his Twitter account, summarizing the efforts of several people, including all the steps and requirements to apply for grants in the US and Europe, including links to Facebook groups and references to pass the required tests.

Abdullah told Al Jazeera Net about the first step of the initiative, which started in 2019, before he and his friends left for America and after receiving letters of thanks from students accepted by American universities, they touched on the results of the first step. Advice Abdullah and his colleagues had a clear purpose. They could not find anyone to help them. They were surprised to find that most foreign students lacked Arab students compared to other nationalities in addition to their weaker abilities, but they knew the need and met them, and they had specific goals different from Arabs who refrained from their abilities.

Scholarship application requirements
On Facebook, the “Jordanian Alumni of North America” ​​group presents a weekly program entitled “Jana’s Guest”, which answers students’ frequently asked questions on the group’s account. Guests at the “Study in America” ​​seminar emphasized the need to adhere to the requirements of the scholarship, and not to look for exceptions to the option of not resorting to options for the required test results, or complacency in the letter of recommendation, or exemption. Meet the requirements.

One guest suggested that you use Excel, list suitable universities as an alternative to undergraduate studies, add requirements for each university, and write and submit to the supervisors nominated for each scholarship to follow their advice, including the application deadline for each scholarship. Complete requirements.

A group of Jordanian students in the United States stressed the need to know and meet the requirements of each university They point to some common requirements for foreign universities, such as the “Graduate Evaluation Test” known as the GRE and the IELTS for short “TOEFL” or “Graduate Assessment Test”.

If you want to get a postgraduate or doctorate degree, a large percentage of European and American universities must pass the undergraduate assessment exam. The test consists of 3 parts, which measure the tenth grade student’s ability to think, analyze writing and solve math problems. Level. Students at the Jordanian Initiative have provided various references for that test.

For universities you must pass either the English language test, TOEFL or IELTS, and most universities accept either one, but you must make sure you choose, especially since some universities ignore the English language test. Is English. Language of study for a bachelor’s degree.

How do you win a scholarship?
You must attach a letter of recommendation from your university professors and administrators to be nominated for the scholarship and take care that the letter does not limit your personal skills, but your practical skills, your practical performance in testing and research and the nature of working with you. Your professor will not expose you to pushing that you do not remember, so many suggest that you apply for a letter of recommendation from your professor during the university semester, or your tenure with him as an assistant, even if you do. There are no plans to study abroad.

Mohannad Suleiman, a professor of environmental engineering at Lehigh University, shared his experience evaluating doctoral applications at his university, and suggested that you submit what you can, because the need for a grant is the minimum requirement that can win you over. You should also try to get the evaluator’s attention, starting with the sender’s account name, which should include your first and last name, such as “[email protected]”.

The application form should take care to meet all the requirements, and your letter should be free from spelling and spelling errors and should be as short as possible so that the letter does not exceed a few lines without attachments. At the same time send the same message to all the professors of the same university, arrange for the scholarships and departments of the best professors of your choice to work with them and write to them at short intervals so that they can feel your seriousness, and you will receive a scholarship.

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