How much will the beneficiaries get in the next payment? Here we are telling you

Received students Benito Juarez Scholarship You need to be careful in the coming weeks to get your next payment, After the ban on revoking the mandate ended.

According to the Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarship National Coordinating Calendar, Beneficiaries They have already received payment for the first two months of the year.

Next payment It will last until the third week of July, Which corresponds to the two-month period of May-June, and It will be 1,680 pesos in a single exhibition

In previous months 3 thousand 360 pesos paid, But it was an exception because the mandate revocation practice was stopped and it was extended by two months.

It should be noted that the Benito Juarez Scholarship It is only delivered for 10 months, That is, there is no payment during the holidays.

That is the beneficiary Will not receive payment in August and January, According to the calendar of the Ministry of Public Education.


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