Here, Silence is Hard, TATA and The Wife of Receiver (Egg) Slater Lab Grant

– An initiative of The Laboratory, Chicken and Egg Pictures, has awarded several documentary feature film projects from around the world.

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The (Egg) Celerator Lab, an initiative of Chicken & Egg Pictures, has for the first or second time sponsored feature (or co-directed) feature-length documentary film projects, self-described as “a leader in support of women and gender-nonconforming filmmakers”. Director. The $ 40,000 grant will be for production and one year of consultation, while – for the first time – ten additional projects will each receive a $ 15,000 (egg) Celebrator Lab Finalist grant.

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The executive director said, “In one year (Eggs) the largest grant directed by Chicken & Egg Pictures to emerging filmmakers through the Celerator Lab is 550,000.” Jenny Wolfson. “We know there are many exceptional films and filmmakers in need and deserving of production assistance, so it makes particular sense to us that we can expand our reach to a total of 20 projects in 2022.”

In addition 7 bits per minute, Junam, Life + life, matryoshka, Olympia And Our daughtersCut three European co-productions: Here, Silence IHeard (Chile / Spain), Dad (Moldova / Romania) and The Wife Of (Belarus / Estonia).

Inside Here, Silence Is I heardDirector Gabriela Pena Focusing on a personal story, such as after his family arrives in an abandoned old house in exile in Chile, “an irresistible family magic-ghost begins to appear at night”. Pena will also produce the film Picho GarciaWho co-manages. Lina Vidovy And Radu Siornisyuk – Follows the Sundance-Award Acasă – My home [+lee también:
entrevista: Radu Ciorniciuc
ficha de la película
– Keep family things with you Dad (See interview), produced by Monica Lazurian GorganWhere Vdovîi’s strained relationship with his violent father takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that he has been exploited at work.

Finally, in The Wife OfProducer Valya Chazkauskaya With this, you will lean towards management Ivo Felt, Christian Pop And Marius Marquezius. “When I started this film in 2020, I was driven by the idea of ​​female leadership and the so-called ‘female face’ of the Belarusian revolution, because I believe that a huge number of positive changes in the world are possible if women get one more voice and opportunity,” said Chazkowskaya. “My initial inspiration was based on my admiration for the brave Belarusian women who had the courage to start fighting the dictatorship. “As a title for a man. The current situation in Ukraine has had a profound effect on my character and my motherland, and has made the work I am working on more important and relevant than ever.”

Lab finalists included Claire Whiskopf And Nicholas van HeimlerickPresentation Alice; Pascal Apora-Genekindi And Ningi-suryaBack Eat Tita; Maya Leko And Christopher KingOf managers How to create a library; Vicky Doo (The light of the setting sun); Sasha Wartzel (River of grass); Sylvia Castanos And Stephanie Conteras (Hummingbird); Emily Critician (There was, there was not); Sharon Young And Want at Natalie (We are volcanoes); Ivy McDonald (When they were here); And finally, Shirley Abraham And Amit MadhesiaWith a new project.

Chicken & Egg Pictures was founded in 2005 Julie Parker Benello, Wendy Etinger And Judith Helfand. Since its inception, the company has provided $ 9 million in grants and thousands of hours of creative advice to more than 400 filmmakers.

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