Global College USA, a sports scholarship management company in the United States, begins its international expansion through a franchise

Global College USA, a sports scholarship management company in the United States, begins its international expansion through a franchise

Global College USA, to date and in terms of the amount of sports scholarships conducted, is one of the largest in Europe in terms of tennis scholarships and one of the largest in Europe in all sports. It has more than 800 scholarship athletes in the United States, including more than 400 tennis players.

The Spanish company Global College USA started its operations in Spain in 2015 and in these years, has grown rapidly since the date, where it is one of the largest sports scholarships for tennis players in Spain, Europe and one of the largest. In the world for this game. According to the amount of sports scholarships conducted and sanctioned, Global College is located in the United States Top 3 from the national company And among the top 5 in European level.

To date, at Global College USA, they have helped more than 800 families from more than 20 different countries receive sports scholarships in the United States. This year 2022, more than 300 athletes have been sent to the United States, Its main sport is tennis, with more than half of this number being tennis players. Global College USA works with other sports such as track and field, soccer, swimming, golf, basketball and volleyball. More than 100 athletes from other sports are being sent to the United States in 2022.

For years to come, Global College USA opens up various growth fronts nationally and internationally:

Nationally, After integrating itself into the game of tennis as a reference to Spain, similarly seeks to grow in other sports. In his team, he has people who specialize in these sports, to become a standard in each of them.

Internationally, Global College USA, after establishing itself in the Spanish market as a benchmark for sports scholarship in the United States, decided to jump through franchises in other countries of the world. “Every year, athletes from other countries approach us for help, as there is no organization like Global College USA in the countries where they live. Because of this, we want to expand, looking for training and support for local entrepreneurs and those who can leverage our work in their home countries, “said George Carretro, CEO of Global College USA.

Between 2022 and 2023, Global College USA has set a goal to launch itself Expand your brand through franchise formatting; To do this, it has conducted consultation and expansion projects with Consulta Frankieus, a special consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. Currently, Global College USA is in the process of applying for an exploitation license in various countries. Currently, they have different approaches and discussions are underway to open them 2 potential franchises in 2022. With its franchise model, Global College is positioned as one of the most profitable sports and education franchises in the USA market.

Thanks to this growth and internationalization, the Global College USA network will grow exponentially, with a stronger presence with all universities in the United States. Always maintaining quality and close treatment which sets it apart from the competition.

Also, Global College USA hosts the annual “College Tennis Showcase”, where an event Coaches from American universities come to Spain to see tennis players in person And being able to provide tennis scholarships to those selected for their level of sport.

This is the largest tennis format event in Europe, with 130 tennis players and 330 American coaches registered for the 2021 event. In 2021, it hosted the first. Exhibition Spain remembers hosting more such events for football and other sports and countries

Those interested in getting information for opening a Global College USA franchise should contact us via E-mail [email protected] or their website.

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