Generalitat extends access to Erasmus + Scholarship and Excellence Awards

Valencia (EP). Ministry of Innovation, University, Science and Digital Society Erasmus + has adapted bases that control calls for scholarships and awards for academic excellence. To reach more university students and the Valencian Community Higher Institute of Artistic Education (ISEACV).

The Department of Autonomous Administration thus promotes “a scholarship policy that does not allow any student to drop out of school for economic reasons and where academic endeavors are recognized.”

The new regulatory foundations of the Erasmus + Scholarship open the door to future calls for Concealeria Masters, Third Cycle or Doctorate students, expanding studies that can be subsidized with this scholarship, and therefore, the number of students who can access them, Has done.

In addition, for students to achieve international mobility and, It has been decided to waive the condition of registration in the Valencian community Choosing for help, as well as scoring criteria for being a ministry scholarship beneficiary.

University Minister Carolina Pasquale.  Photo: Rubber Solsona / EP

For their part, scholarships for the promotion of academic excellence are awarded for academic excellence in undergraduate studies at Valencian Public Universities and centers accredited with ISEACV, To recognize and reward merit and recognition abilities in the study.

Recognition of excellence

With the new prize, Beneficiaries will be recognized for their academic excellence Which will score in the student’s record as a qualification on the university and administrative scale while formalizing a contract or continuing their research career, which will improve their chances of entering the labor market.

At the same time, they are considering increasing the number of beneficiaries, since at least one excellence award is guaranteed for each degree, and there will be a higher number of graduates. An award based on the ratio of male to female students.

In the previous call, the economic endowment consisted of a waiver of fees for a training course. With the new foundations, the economic amount has been consolidated, since each beneficiary will receive the same amount as the reward, they will be able to allocate money for what they think is best. In addition, Concealeria seeks to “recognize student movement and academic endeavors.”


Minister of Innovation, University, Science and Digital Society, Caroline PasqualeValencian stressed the government’s desire to “benefit students” and highlighted that General Valentiana has “doubled the allocation for university scholarships since 2015”.

With the flexibility of Erasmus + Scholarships and access to new awards for academic excellence, this “commitment” of the console joins the changes that have already been introduced in the payroll, extending the call to all and all students for all courses, including postgraduate degrees. And in which “special attention” was given to the most disadvantaged groups so that “no one has to drop out of school for economic reasons”.

The deadline for submission of observations to these bases is 15 days from the day following the publication of the resolution in the Official Gazette of Generalitale Valenciana (DOGV) by sending an email to dguniversitats @ gva.

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