Fulda: Contrary to the shortage of skilled workers, he is studying at the university on a scholarship

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University President Karim Khakjar and Fulda University Friends Association board member Ilona Jane will be happy to receive more scholarships.
University President Karim Khakjar and Fulda University Friends Association board member Ilona Jane will be happy to receive more scholarships. © Fulda University

When it comes to support associations, the first thought is usually about money. Of course, it serves as a support agency for the Fulda University of Applied Sciences. He is responsible for the scholarship.

Fulda – When the Fulda University of Applied Sciences Support Association was established in 2012, the largest educational institution in East Hess already had several such associations. “But they were all subject-related – for economics, computer science or electrical engineering,” said the university’s president, Prof. Dr. Karim Khakjar and Ilona Jehan from the board of directors of the association and are also responsible for the dual study program at the university and the German scholarship. However, a cross-departmental support association was missing, Khakjar said and is now – nine years later – happy about the establishment.

This was due to the introduction of Deutschlandstipendium, which would be funded in a private-public partnership. “Unlike the United States, Germany does not have a great tradition of scholarship. There are some performance-based scholarships like the German National Academic Foundation, but they are not the same level here as in the US, ”said Khakjar.

Fulda: University Scholarship Co-Association Germany Scholarship Funding.

Deutschlandstipendium aims to receive recipients 300 euros per month for one year – half funded by private donors and half by the federal government. “Criteria for leaving school with academic performance, social commitment. For example, we have scholarship holders who are active as football coaches or involved politically, academically or socially. One student even received an award for a cargo bike project at Wuppertal, “Jehon reported, adding:” When we look at scholarship applications, we are often surprised at how diverse the students are. ” (Also read: Doing doctorate after Geiser? The Point Alpha Foundation and the university have established the “Research Institute Point Alpha”)

In all, about 300 students apply for it each year. The 25 Germany Scholarships were awarded by the Association in 2020, which currently has 66 members, and the next election round is now underway for the winter semester. “Allocations are always in line with the academic year,” explained the university president, who – as he made clear in an interview – would like to see more scholarships awarded. However, this requires more partnerships and additional members in the association. It can be individuals as well as legal entities – such as companies, associations and other organizations.

Friends of Fulda University of Applied Sciences – Board of Directors Want More Scholarships

Khakjar and Jehan also see opportunities for them to benefit from grants or membership in the association. “Federal law does not allow sponsors to select individual scholarship holders. However, they can decide which department their money will go to and then communicate with students,” said the university president. As a result, starting a career is also predictable. Scholarships can be a good recruitment measure – especially for specialists who will become “buttlenecks” but are incredibly important for the region. (Read here: Students from Fulda want to win Elon Musk tunnel construction competition)

About scholarship

Deutschlandstipendium operates on the principle of public-private partnership Accordingly, universities organize the selection and assistance of scholarship holders. To do this, they apply for a grant. In Fulda, the University Support Committee is an essential pillar for this. Private sponsors agree to pay the first half of the fund: 150 euros per month for one year, or 1800 euros. Sponsors can be companies, associations, foundations, individuals or alumni. The second half of the scholarship fund is taken by the federal government.

First year students and higher semesters who have already done or are expected to do well are eligible for funding. Social commitment and the special personal situation of the students are also taken into consideration. In addition to 300 euros, they and sponsors will be offered an “ideal support program”.


Ilona Jane, Telephone: (06 61) 96 40 19 02; Email: [email protected]

Sabrina Dorr, Telephone: (06 61) 96 40 19 09, E-mail: [email protected]

Both are emphasizing that the situation is good. The university, which now has about 10,000 students, is firmly entrenched in the region, maintains good business connections and is becoming increasingly attractive – not least because of its location in the middle of Germany. “As a large university of technology, our catchment area continues to grow,” the president said, adding that it had a clear mandate: “We have a special responsibility for the transfer of science and industry. And as the largest regional educational institution, Let’s see. “

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The idea of ​​connecting the region, its players and the university also plays an important role in the association. “If we can offer more scholarships, East Hess will also have a clear impact – for example, students who are loyal to the region after graduation and looking for employment here,” said Khakjar and Jehan, assuring and managing the Regional Innovation Center for Health and Quality. Life Fulda (RIGL) as an example.

It aims to expand the regional transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology in the areas of health promotion, nutrition, quality of life and social sustainability. And the project is also supported by Förderverein, whose job is not to raise funds for research.

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