ESSCA Scholarships – Applications from foreign students are still being accepted

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Angers, France, March 12, 2019 / PRNewswire /

At ESSCA, every talent is recognized and encouraged wherever it is identified. Depending on the talent, a range of scholarships are available for students studying abroad.

ESSCA provides scholarships to international students for the following programs: Bachelor in International Management, Bachelor in Management, Master of Science in Finance, Digital and Big Data for Value, Entrepreneur and Design Thought, International and Sustainable Management, Asia Luxury Marketing and Asia Digital Marketing and Business.

ESSCA has been building talent for successful management careers for over 110 years. We successfully support our students in shaping their future.

We are one Ecole in the leading French Grande And AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS are among the 1% business schools worldwide for accreditation. As a result, an ESSCA diploma is recognized and honored worldwide.

Scholarship evaluation is done in parallel with our admissions process and is based on documents that must be submitted: application for a scholarship, scholarship essay, university certificate and / or secondary school certificate.

Scholarships for the academic year 2021-2022:

  • Scholarships for regional talent
  • Scholarships for executives worldwide
  • Diversity Scholarship

ESSCA grants up to 1 500 EUR – 2 500 EUR. These totals will be deducted from tuition fees for the first year of the selected program. Next Prize Round: June 15, 2021


ESSCA has existed for 111 years and is a kind of university Ecole in Grande. He offers various programs in the following fields: Marketing, Business Management, Finance, Human Resource, Digital and Consulting. He is a member of the French University Association Conference des Grandes Ecoles And offers a postgraduate degree with a Bac + 5 degree (Abitur + 5 years of study), also recognized in France, as well as a bachelor’s degree, a specialty postgraduate degree and a master’s degree program in science. The ESSCA School of Management is one of the three recognized 1% management schools worldwide: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. It draws on its excellent program, international focus and close collaboration with companies. It currently has a network of 16,000 graduates worldwide. The ESSCA Group has 8 sites (in France and abroad). It offers an internationally based study program and a wide network of partner universities in 55 countries.

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