Emirati universities offer scholarships to citizens and residents

The universities of the country have provided scholarship programs for the students with the aim of attracting their best minds. Scholarships are divided into three categories. The first is a full-fledged scholarship for citizens, and the second is for those who specialize in academics and sports. Discount rates vary according to the average of the students and their continuity is associated with continued student excellence, and the third is given to needy students whose financial situation may prevent them from finishing their university studies.

In detail, Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence has confirmed that it offers its students full scholarships that cover all tuition fees. Each student receives a monthly stipend and many other benefits, such as internal housing, health insurance, and a UAE residence visa, noting that it provides job opportunities for graduates through relationships with government agencies and related sectors. Establishing a network of relationships that contributes to the presence of a special team working to provide professional career counseling for students and creating job opportunities for graduates.

Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence is a state-of-the-art academic institution that offers a wide range of postgraduate programs that meet the market demand for artificial intelligence.

The University of Abu Dhabi emphasizes that the Scholarship and Financial Aid Program is one of the key pillars of its strategy, aimed at achieving academic excellence and reflecting its commitment to supporting the country’s development and growth. It is a national duty to be able to contribute.

He noted that the grant program includes eight types of grants, namely, a grant from His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and is available to the top 20 graduates of state-level government secondary schools who have been newly admitted and enrolled. In the fall semester of the year at Abu Dhabi University, who graduated from high school. They get 100% discount on tuition fees, application and registration fees and student and health services.

He added that the University President’s Scholarship offers 100% discount and tuition fees and family fees for the last three years of secondary school (grades 10, 11 and 12) and university scholarships, and 10% to 50% for residents of the country and applicants from Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Provides a grant to exempt members from tuition fees, where the university applies a partial discount for the same members of the family registered for study.

The University Scholarship Program includes sports grants and offers a 25% discount on tuition fees for students who participate in various sports activities organized effectively and independently by the University of Abu Dhabi and a 20% discount on tuition fees for academic grant regulars. Students at Abu Dhabi University who have a minimum GPA of 3.60. The minimum, undergraduate scholarship for two consecutive semesters allows ADU graduates who wish to continue their undergraduate studies at the university to receive a 20% discount on their tuition fees. Merit-based postgraduate scholarship that offers 25% discount on tuition fees to recipients.

Although the UAE University offers two types of scholarships for undergraduate students, it includes full scholarships for international students who have a general secondary certificate or its equivalent of 97% or more and 100% fee for the first type of graduate students. Forgiveness. By the time graduation, students must have achieved a growing average of 3.8 or more over the entire study period and have completed at least 15 credit hours in a regular semester.

The university has indicated on its official website that the second type of scholarship is for partial scholarships for undergraduate students, for students who have obtained 90% or more of the general secondary certificate or its equivalent and through which the student gets 50% discount. % Of prescribed tuition fee.

New York University Abu Dhabi has reaffirmed its commitment to attracting and educating talented and distinguished students from around the world regardless of their financial capacity. Prominent, it provides scholarships under the auspices of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al to outstanding Emirati students admitted to the university. Nahyan Scholarship Program at NYUAD, where Emirati students do not have to submit any application for financial assistance from the University.

The university provides financial aid for students of all nationalities according to the grants provided, noting that there are two types of assistance, the first is merit-based, and the outstanding students are based on academic merit (grade or test score according to assessment), and the second type is assistance as needed. And it is given to students based on their financial situation and ability to pay for their studies. The university provides such support that all students need financial assistance, as it can reach 100% of the cost of the study if the family is unable to contribute any percentage of the cost of the university study.

Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi offers scholarships for students wishing to enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate programs to cover their tuition costs, depending on personal circumstances or academic excellence and academic merit. The Al Nahyan Scholarship, through which all Emirati students or children of Emirati mothers are entitled to a full scholarship covering the undergraduate program fees (including Foundation Year fees) and the second type of Academic Excellence Scholarships, which enroll students in the first semester of the program. Provides 15% scholarship. Scholarships range from 25% to 75% from the second semester depending on their academic performance and results. The previous semester. The university noted that the third type of scholarship is for students in French schools, where students studying in schools with a French curriculum receive a scholarship that covers a 10% fee for the first semester, and the fourth type is related to funding. Scholarships, awarded by the “Total” and “Group” Shalhaub and the Ardian Foundation, are based on academic excellence and the financial status of a selected number of students.

• Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, provides full scholarships to its students.

The Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship is available to top 20 public secondary school students.

15 different scholarships

The University of Dubai states that it offers more than 15 types of educational grants and discounts, the three most notable of which are:

পূর্ণ Full scholarship for all years of study in the name of the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in honor of his name and gratitude to the children of the nation and the university.

■ Full scholarships, provided by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s Communications Assistance Fund, with a 50% reduction in tuition fees for students achieving 90% or higher at the secondary level for undergraduate students within and outside the country. .

■ Business Adel Al-Kamel grants for five outstanding students who received 95% or more, 50% for children of retired citizens, 10% for citizens and children of Gulf Cooperation Council countries and those who work in government or have a brother or sister studying at university. And 20% for persons with special needs and 15% -30% for “Hama Al-Watan”, “Abshar”, “Assad”, “Faza” and “Wafar” card holders and university staff.

3 departments of Zayed University Scholarship

Zayed University has announced on its official website the provision of three types of scholarships, including undergraduate scholarships, which are awarded to international students on the basis of academic merit and according to the final results of 12th grade students and cover such scholarships. Up to 50% of tuition fee.

The University Family Grant, which is given to the families of children enrolled in the university program, where the university gives a 25% discount to each boy after the first child and is not allowed to link it with other large grants.

And tuition fee grants for university programs for the children of university employees, and up to 50% discount on tuition fees for children of university employees and faculty members on full-time contracts. The scholarship is terminated when the student’s parent’s work contract expires.

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