Emirates News Agency – “Dubai Endowments” Approves Annual Budget Allocation for Scholarships

Dubai, Jan 10 (IANS) The board of directors of the Endowment and Minors Affairs Foundation in Dubai has approved an annual budget allocation from endowment revenue to provide full or partial scholarships to students from low-income families.

The Fifth Periodic Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Foundation was held under the chairmanship of His Excellency Isa Al Ghurair, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation and in the presence of the Board members. During the meeting, the Foundation’s final audit report for 2021 was discussed

Board members were briefed on the Foundation’s projects, and the meeting decided to transfer the endowment bank’s allocation and zakat value to the Foundation’s Charitable Works Committee.

The council adopted the education policy of the Charitable Action Committee.

The committee’s policy is to allocate an annual budget from endowment revenues to provide a number of “full or partial” scholarships, including competitive criteria, based on each student’s degree of academic achievement and case study of each student in terms of economic status. Family status.

The annual budget allocated to the education sector also includes the provision of educational supplies to scientific research institutes and qualified educational institutions, provided that the objectives of the study fall within the education development process.

His Excellency Ali Al-Mutawa, Secretary General of the Foundation for Endowments and Minors Affairs in Dubai, said that the grants allocated to the education sector include educational supplies which will be provided to scientific research institutes and educational institutions under the conditions and controls laid down by the Foundation.

He emphasized that the education sector occupies a significant part of the institutional concern, which seeks to raise the level of education of low-income families and give their children the opportunity to take their education to a better level for a better future.

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