Egypt is discussing the development of a public university with the World Bank

Egypt discusses developing public universities with the World Bank

Khaled Abdel Gaffar, Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, discussed with the World Bank representatives, via the Internet, the conclusion of a cooperation agreement for the development of public universities, and the preparation of programs to enhance the skills of faculty cadres. Member and support organizations, development of laboratories, focus on practical training and investment of individuals.

Abdel Gaffar met with representatives of international organizations to discuss ways to support Egypt’s education sector, and to build partnerships with the private sector on “modern education and training programs in line with labor market needs.”

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Conclusion of a training workshop for professors at the University of Jordan on “Innovation Curriculum”

Yesterday (Saturday) Jordan University concluded a training workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Curriculum Design Process” for professors at the University of Jordan.

It comes as part of the “Capacity Building in Entrepreneurial and Creative Education” project at Jordanian universities, funded by the German “DAAD” organization (German Cultural Exchange Authority). Hadil Yassin, project manager, said the workshop “seeks to keep pace with scientific and academic development in higher education institutions by focusing on the teaching process and curriculum development.”

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Lebanese University’s advanced technology “Omicron” reveals 60 mutations of mutants

The Lebanese University has announced that the Faculty of Science Laboratory has discovered about sixty cases of “Omicron” mutants since the advent of advanced PCR techniques, where researchers rely on decoding the genetic code of the virus.

The Lebanese University Laboratory was the first to announce the emergence of “alpha” and “delta” mutants in Lebanon, and tracked and monitored all mutants (alpha, beta, gamma and delta), while it is currently pursuing a new, highly accurate way to detect Omicron. In the positive case with the (PCR) technique is based on “5 special mutations which are collectively found only in new mutants”.

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Developing the curriculum for the Iraqi Police College is a matter of collaboration with the University of Baghdad

Munir Hamid al-Saadi, president of Baghdad University, has agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding with Iraqi police college director Maj. Gen. Sabah Hawashi to develop the skills of police college students and involve them in scientific workshops. And training courses conducted at the university.

Both sides agreed to cooperate in the areas: forensic evidence in collaboration with law colleges, especially in the field of civil and criminal law, and intensive courses in psychology, management, human rights and other topics when discussing forensic medicine with the College of Medicine.

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16 UAEU academics honored after receiving international patents

Honorable University of the United Arab Emirates, 16 AcademicIn its various faculties, on the occasion of obtaining international patents, this year, many research discoveries, which differ between artificial intelligence and health sciences.

The most prominent patents include: creating a system for detecting cancer cells, another method for adapting to social distances, and developing a new treatment method for treating vitamin D deficiency using the full range of natural solar radiation.

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Khartoum University has announced a plan to resume studies in its faculties

Khartoum University, Sudan’s oldest and largest public university, yesterday (Saturday) announced detailed time plans for all its faculties to return to study next January.

The plan specifies academic exam dates, set in the middle and at the end of the semester, whose dates vary from college to college. Due to the political unrest in the country in recent months, higher education institutions have recently suspended studies at Sudanese universities for almost two months before reopening their doors.

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Engineering Design Exhibition of Kuwait University

The College of Engineering and Petroleum of Kuwait University yesterday (Saturday) inaugurated the 40th engineering design exhibition with the participation of 102 projects from different scientific departments of the college.

Speaking at the opening of the two-day exhibition, Oil Minister and Education Minister Muhammad Al-Faris said: “The exhibition includes a number of engineering projects, including creative and innovative thinking, aimed at serving society and humanity. A sustainable life, and reflects the amount of constructive skills and energy our students have as future engineers. “

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