Ducab has qualified 44 Emirati engineers as part of its scholarship program

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The Ducab Group has succeeded in increasing the number of employees in the UAE to 140 in addition to the 10 trainees per year under the “Farewell” program, and the Ducab Group has been able to qualify 44 Emirati engineers in the Scholarship Program for Engineering Students. Pillar of development in the next 40 years. A recent graduation program was also launched, aiming to recruit 5 new graduates annually.

A number of Dukab Group executives emphasized in a statement to Al Bayan that one of the group’s most significant challenges was the reluctance of citizens to work in the industrial sector as a result of drawing the wrong stereotypes in their minds about something. Lack of awareness about jobs and their future, and poor financial returns in addition to the length of working hours and geographical location.

They point to working on a systematic plan to increase company awareness and to create success stories by targeting opportunities available in a variety of ways, including media awareness and partnerships with educational institutions, as well as attracting citizens to work in groups. They explained that performance indicators for all departments have been defined in the Manpower and Employment Planning Policy for the next five years to reflect the emirate targets.

A scholarship program was also launched for engineering students, where today 44 Emirati engineers have qualified to be pillars of development for the next 40 years. A new undergraduate program was also launched, with the goal of recruiting 5 new graduates annually with a bachelor’s degree and installing them in their pre-determined jobs after completing the program. Dukab’s goal is to localize 30% of the middle management by the end of 2024, and to date 24% has been achieved.

Industrial field

Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al Mutawa, CEO of Ducab Group, emphasized the importance of work experience and said: “I urge all emirates to enter the industry, which opens up unlimited possibilities for professional development and healthy competition. I am proud to lead a company that provides all possible ways to support its employees, meet their needs, and rehabilitate and train them so that they can achieve its goals and strategic plans. “

Provide opportunities

Youssef Al Shamali, director of the Jebel Ali Factory, thanked Dukab for giving employees the opportunity to develop their skills and satisfy their passion for the industry, and said: “Our work is not limited to production, and we are proud to contribute to the To push the wheel.

Localization strategy

Mona Mohammad Fikri, Dukab’s chief human resources officer, confirmed the successful implementation of the emirate strategy. He said, “A 30% emirate was achieved in June 2018, which is more than planned, thanks to effective implementation and study follow-up of the implementation plan. Accordingly, between 2018-2020, the focus was on training and high-performance citizens. He also spoke about the success of Ducab in implementing the strategy, adding: Today, that brings the total to 140 Emirati employees, a record number for the industry. “


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