Condডে withdraws support scholarships from 176 athletes for a two-year term under the presidency of Anna Guevara

In 2020 and 2022The National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports presides over that Anna Gabriela Guevara, The list of athletes dropped from 279 to 103 Those who accept Scholarship The support provided by the organism, which represents a cut 63 percent in the register Beneficiaries, according to information published by the newspaper ThisObtained through Condডে liaison unit.

E.g., In the space of two years, 18 athletes have remained without scholarships Abolished Fund for High-Performance Sports (FODEPAR), including athletes with Olympic medalists or outstanding careers. Maria del Rosario Espinoza, Paula Espinosa or Evan Garcia, Those who were excluded from the register.

I can’t afford the Continental Scholarship. Because he is Godfather, Godmother, friend, it is no longer possible. The stimulus, which exists, is conditional on the outcome. We want it to be more ambitious, they want to be the best in Mexico and they can and do want to compete against the world, “Anna Guevara said in an interview with journalist Antonio de Valdes in February.

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Anna Guevara: “I can’t give Continental a scholarship, athletes take it as their due and life’s salary”

At the time, when the former runner announced new criteria for awarding scholarships, he explained that they would be maintained, reduced or, in that case, disappear according to the international results for athletes: ” “Those in the top 10 are among the 21,000 or 17,000 pesos.”

In early January, Conde made his announcement New tab For General ScholarshipAnd range from quantity in the case of athletes participating in the Olympic Games Nine thousand pesos for 16 sitesAnd even 55 thousand pesos for the first place.

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Anna Guevara Conned’s irregularities include direct rewards, outsourced payments and verified expenses.

“For athletes who have received a nominal place in the Olympic / Paralympic Games, this amount will be 30 thousand pesos monthly, Later The scholarship amount will be re-tabulated with the amount corresponding to the result obtained The time of the scholarship event object is on the table, ”the published document indicates Official Journal of the Federation.

In 103 athletes who hold their scholarships, Diving is the discipline that gets the most support from the 14 beneficiariesFollows Athletics, Including 10; When most are damaged TaekwondoWhich was until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 23 scholarship holdersAnd currently there are only two, Renেনে Lizarraga and Leslie Escort Singles, This information has been known in the search of the newspaper This.

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