Competitive Scholarships and a Sponsorship Program for Talent .. Qatar University Launches Two Programs to Sponsor Qatari Students

Qatar University has announced the launch of two new programs to sponsor Qatari students, namely the Science Sponsorship Program and the Gifted Program, and the creation of grants for international partnerships at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and the introduction of an admission grant for gifted.
The university has also announced the restructuring of a number of competitive scholarships, which are obtained by changing the names of some of the scholarships on a competitive basis, revealing their nature and their respective departments. Creating new grants aimed at revising certain conditions and conditions for their continuity as well as instructing them to meet the strategic goals of the University.
Dr. Iman Mostafavi, Vice President of Student Affairs at Qatar University, said in a statement today that the move falls within the university’s strategic direction and reflects the university’s interest in attracting Qatari students who have diverse skills, higher educational abilities and diversity. Talent in scientific research, technology, innovation, literature, art, media and sports. Which in turn will contribute to the supply of the labor market with distinguished and qualified graduates capable of meeting the demands of high degree skills and knowledge. Labor market
He explained that the sponsorship programs for Qatari students cover the provision of textbook fees, a monthly stipend and a laptop computer, while the scholarship includes exemptions from tuition fees and book fees, and other benefits according to the scholarship. The procedure is followed at the University of Qatar.
Dr. Iman Mustafawi further confirmed that the university seeks to attract talented Qatari and non-Qatari students through the restructuring of scholarship and sponsorship programs, encourage students to enroll in pure and applied sciences (STEM) and provide a unique experience for newcomers. Student of Qatar University.

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