Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022. It will remain until April 25 when they will enable online appointments

The National Coordination of Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarships (CNBBBJ) This clarifies some frequent doubts about the funding of social programs.

Through its YouTube channel, some of the most frequently asked questions of the beneficiaries of this social program have been answered.

We share some information that will help you:

  1. Scattering of scholarship is gradual. Support is distributed little by little every day.
  2. Scholarships will come Although payments are not always made at the same time, it does not matter if they are students on the same campus.
  3. There is no payment deadline for all beneficiaries.
  4. If you want to know the payment period of your Benito Juarez Scholarship, check out the CURP Status Search Engine.
  5. The first thing you need to do to ensure that you are a beneficiary is to verify your status in the register.
  6. The List of beneficiaries It has been updated three times in 2022, in January, May and September, which is consistent with payment issues.
  7. If you accept yours Temporary Help Desk Payment (MAT) And if you haven’t been paid, don’t worry: they’ll keep your scholarship until the next issue and they’ll order you two payments in the next transaction.

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Students who have not yet received their paycheck can check their status through the search engine implemented by the national coordination of this program.

This search engine is a system that lets you know if your school is part of a group of priority schools served by this social program. You can search the list of beneficiaries to find out if a student will receive a scholarship.

To search your school, you must have CCT (The main workplace) In hand. If you search directly on the list of beneficiaries, you must do so with your CURP.

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When is the next payment for the Benito Juarez Scholarship?

Many students still have pending payments, mainly for the two-month period of January-February and March-April 2022, which have been paid since last month.

To further confirm the funding of the Benito Juarez Scholarship, CNBBBJ has released the 2022 Payment Schedule, providing basic level support (preschool, primary and secondary), in both high school and higher.

The calendars specified specify the approximate dates on which payments for this social program begin.

It is important to note that Benito Juarez scholarships are awarded gradually.

Payments for the next two months will be made from the end of the current school year, the third week of July, as indicated in this calendar.

Benito Juarez Scholarship for Primary, Secondary and Preschool

In primary education, it is estimated that public schools across the country will reach more than 3.8 million households with more than 12 billion pesos of social investment for pre-school, primary and secondary students.

The Wellbeing Scholarship for the Basic Education Family, the first payment of 2022 coincides with the first two bi-monthly periods, January-February and March-April, for which, a total of three thousand 360 pesos per family will be distributed.

Payment will be made from the second week of February for those who receive assistance through deposit in the account and for those who receive it through field operations.

The third two-month period, May-June, is equivalent to 1,680 pesos per household and will be distributed from the fourth week of July to those who receive the deposit and those who receive it from the third week of July. By operation. On the field.

The final payment for the Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022 will be made jointly, with a total of three thousand 360 pesos deposited in the account from the second and third week of November, with two months period of September-October and November-December. And operational in the field, respectively.

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Providing high school scholarships

With universal higher education scholarships, more than 4.1 million students will be able to continue their academic training with a social investment of more than 13 billion pesos.

The first support will coincide with the two-month period of February-March and April-May, where 3,360 pesos will be distributed from the second week of February. January is not considered because it is a holiday.

The two-month period of June and July will be paid from the third week of July to those who receive deposits in the account and from the fourth week of July to those who receive support for field operations. The amount paid will be 1,680 pesos. Scholarships are not given in August as it is a holiday period.

For the last two months of the year, September-October and November-December, corresponding to three thousand 360 pesos, will be distributed from the second and third week of November for submission to account and field operations, respectively. .

Youth Writing the Future 2022

Through scholarships for higher education, 409,000 young people will be served through an investment of 3.9 billion pesos enrolled in priority universities.

The first support of 2022 from the Youth Writing the Future Scholarship, for higher education students, relating to the months of February-March and April-May, for a total of 9,800 pesos from the second week of February. January is not considered because it is a holiday.

The third issue of support coincides with June-July with an amount of 4,900 pesos and will be distributed to scholarship holders from the third and fourth week of July, depending on the manner in which it has been distributed, credited to the account or field operations.

Finally, the two-month period of September-October and November-December will be distributed together from the second and third week of November, with an amount of 9,800 pesos per account or deposit in field operations, respectively.

CNBBBJ Payment Schedule by Laura Islas

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