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The Benito Juarez Scholarship Continued delivery in Mexico. If you are one of the high school students who has been paid through Bienestar Azteca, your subsequent support will be credited through that app. Some important things you must consider are that scholarship payments are made slowly and will have a double payout date. Review the following information.

The official calendar of the National Coordination of the Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarship (CNBBBJ) indicates that there will be one double deposit after another made in February 2022. The reason for this double payment of Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022 is that they will be pooled. Payment for the last two months of the year, so this deposit will be made between the second and third week of November.

In primary education, it is estimated that public schools across the country will reach more than 3.8 million households with more than 12 billion pesos of social investment for pre-school, primary and secondary students.

When will the next deposit be?

Subsequent payments made by Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022 must cover the two-month period of May and June, so there are still a few weeks left before making the deposit.

According to the calendar published by the national coordination of the Benito Juarez Scholarship (CNBBJ), payments will be made to all students and alumni associated with the program in the third week of July.

Double payment?

Although the election ban will no longer be in place, the Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarship National Coordinating Calendar is considering a new double payout between the second and third weeks of November, as payments for the last two months of the year will be combined:

  • Basic Education: They will receive a payment of three thousand 360 pesos (bi-monthly time September-October and November-December).
  • Higher Secondary Education: They are entitled to pay three thousand 360 pesos (bi-monthly time September-October and November-December).
  • Youth Writing the Future: Nine thousand 800 pesos will be deposited (bimonthly September-October and November-December).

Benito Juarez Scholarship: Payment Schedule

The Wellbeing Scholarship for Basic Education Families, the first payment of 2022 coincides with the first two months, January-February and March-April, for which, in total, three thousand 360 pesos per family will be distributed. Payment will be made from the second week of February for those who receive assistance through deposit in the account and for those who receive it through field operations.

The third two-month period, May-June, is equivalent to 1,680 pesos per household and will be distributed from the fourth week of July to those who receive the deposit and those who receive it from the third week of July. By operation. On the field.

The final payment for the Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022 will be made jointly, with a total of three thousand 360 pesos deposited in the account from the second and third week of November, with two months period of September-October and November-December. And operational in the field, respectively.

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