Applications for scholarships to Qatar University will begin on the 20th of this month

Qatar University has announced that it will begin applying for scholarships for the fall semester of 2022, March 20. Next June .. For students registered at Qatar University, the deadline for electronic submission of scholarships will be April 14 and the scholarship decision will be announced. For students applying for admission and students enrolled in the university, August 21st.
The university says applications for exemptions from the time requirement for students enrolled in university enrollment will begin July 3 to 28, and the University of Qatar offers a variety of scholarships annually to attract eligible students, if they meet. Submit the terms and conditions of each scholarship. Scholarships cover tuition fee costs only for first year undergraduate students and for students transferred from other universities to the University of Qatar and do not include visiting students, students studying the course or students applying for a second bachelor’s degree.
All of these scholarships cover the cost of tuition fees and some scholarship benefits, in addition to tuition fee waivers, tuition waivers and free accommodation on university accommodation. In addition to the student’s annual travel ticket to their home country, this facility is only available to international students who have foreign scholarships and who have residency permits sponsored by Qatar University. Keep in mind that the student bears all the financial penalties for deleting the course or leaving the class.
Qatar offers many benefits to its students, including competitive scholarships, including the Qatar University Scholarship, the HH The Amir Scholarship for Academic Excellence, and the Outstanding Performance Scholarship.
In the case of non-competitive scholarships, they include grants from Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Cooperation Council children grants who have received a Qatari high school, and staff grants from staff at Qatar University.

Qatar University Scholarship

These are scholarships for university students, and they are of two types, internal grants and external grants. Students can apply for this type of scholarship on their own. Candidates are allowed to benefit from these scholarships in the fall or spring semester of the same academic year and are not allowed to carry the scholarship in the following academic year. Internal Scholarship is a scholarship for students residing in the university Exemption from Qatar State and Course Fee and Exemption from Book Fee. There are several conditions for benefiting For new applicants to Qatar University, the student must be accepted into the university final, unconditionally, and have excellent marks in high school. For students enrolled in the university, the student must pass the foundation program and benefit from the scholarship for the semester in which the student received the scholarship from that year, and if the student withdraws or does not pass this semester, the scholarship is immediately canceled.

External grant

These scholarships are offered by the University only to new students applying from outside the State of Qatar through personal application. These scholarships include tuition fees and discounts on books, free accommodation from the university and the student receiving an annual ticket to the country as well as the original, and accommodation under the auspices of the university. To benefit from this, the student must have final and unconditional university admissions and high school marks and the scholarship benefit must be in the semester in which the student received the scholarship from that year, and the student withdraws or fails to pass this semester. .

His Excellency Amir Scholarship for Academic Excellence

These are the scholarships for the students of the children who have achieved the highest average in Qatari High School, where 25 male and 25 female students have been selected according to the highest rate in Qatari High School. The student does not need to apply for this scholarship, but he must apply for the Qatar University Scholarship. This includes exemption from scholarship course fees and book fees. As a condition of benefiting from it, it is necessary to obtain a Qatari secondary certificate. Percentage in Secondary Certificate shall not be less than 95%.
The student must finish high school the same year he or she applied for the scholarship. This scholarship is awarded only in the autumn of each academic year.
Scholarships should be paid in the first semester of the year in which the student received the scholarship.

Outstanding Performance Award

It is a scholarship awarded by the university to the top fifty academically distinguished students enrolled in the university at the undergraduate level. The student does not need to apply for this scholarship, but he must apply for the Qatar University Scholarship. This scholarship includes tuition fee waiver only. To be eligible for the scholarship, the student must be admitted to the University of Qatar. The student’s incremental GPA must not be less than 3.50 out of 4.00. The student must complete at least 30 credit hours.

Scholarship for Diploma Program in College of Education

The University of Qatar offers a number of scholarships for students wishing to enroll in the Diploma Program offered by the College of Education. Students who benefit from these scholarships are exempted from tuition fees only, with no benefits other than these scholarships. In order to benefit from the scholarship, the student must meet the required criteria for the program he or she wants to attend. And work under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education or government educational institutions. He certainly did not benefit from the scholarship of the same department in the previous time.

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