Applications for Jordanian students to benefit from Hungarian scholarships have begun

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in coordination with the Hungarian Embassy in Amman, announced plans to apply for scholarships from the Republic of Hungary, based on an action plan for educational and scientific cooperation signed between the two countries. The academic stages (Graduation – Master – PhD) for Jordanian students for the 2022-2023 academic year will begin on Monday, 15/11/2021 and end on 15 / 1-2022.

Those who wish to apply for this grant can view all the terms and conditions of the grant and submit the application on the donor’s website at the following link

Students who wish to benefit from scholarships at the undergraduate level, they have successfully met the requirements in previous years for Jordanian High School or its equivalent, or students who are expected to successfully meet Jordanian high school or equivalent requirements. For the year 2022, on 31st August, 2022, at the age of 18 years, the student applying for the bachelor’s degree scholarship must be at least.

In order to benefit from these grants, the average student in Jordan’s general secondary school certificate or its equivalent should not be less than the acceptance rate in public Jordanian universities and the general policy for admission to the bachelor’s degree, as follows:

(85% for Pharmaceutical and Dental Specialization / 80% for Pharmacy, Pharmacy and Engineering Specialization / 70% for Nursing and Combined Medical Specialties and Rehabilitation Sciences / 65% for Other Specialties).

The Ministry further requires that certificate holders of Arab or foreign high schools must be endorsed or equivalent by the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

The Ministry emphasizes that all students wishing to benefit from the scholarship and at all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral) must comply with the recognition of non-Jordanian higher education institutions and comply with their certificate of equivalence guidelines.

Http:// to know the name of the recognized Hungarian University

The Ministry further confirms that the student was accepted for the previous year 2021/2022, and did not enroll in Hungarian universities after agreeing to the scholarship, and did not notify the Hungarian side that he was not enrolled, not entitled to apply from the academic year he was accepted. Hungarian scholarship for three years starting from.

Note that there will be differences between students applying for this grant based on the results of either the English language test (TOEFL iBT) IELTS / General or Academic, so that the score of the two tests will be shifted from (100) to the standard.

And accordingly; The student must provide a valid document duly certified to the Ministry (where the document is not older than two years from the date of receipt of the document) to include his / her result in one of the two mentioned tests or (TOEFL iBT) (IELTS). / General or Academic) via the following link: In the above link he needs to attach the Student ID number (Applicant ID number) submitted to Hungarian universities,

Note that the deadline for uploading a document for the results of an English language test is Thursday, 10/2/2022. Therefore, the Ministry requests the interested students to apply for the one which is not currently documented for this examination. To their authorized centers as soon as possible.

The student is responsible for the accuracy of the information and documents submitted.

In the case of preliminary selection, the student will have a personal interview and an examination subject – the dates of which will be determined later – by the Hungarian authorities.


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