Al-Fanar Media has launched a new version of the scholarship database available for Arab students

Al-Fanar Media continues to support Arab students by launching a new and improved version of the Scholarship Database for Arab Students, a leading online magazine covering top education, research and culture in the Arab region, provided by top educational institutions and donors. Scholarships available for refugee students from various Arab countries are also included in this database.

Nadia Al-Zawaili, executive director of Al-Fanar Media, said: “Students in the Arab world who are looking for scholarships often spend a lot of time on the Internet looking for suitable scholarships, which makes the search process time consuming and confusing.” Al-Fanar Media seeks the best scholarships and contacts donor organizations from around the world to verify information on behalf of students. “

Together with the relaunch, Al-Fanar Media is hosting a competition called “Taleb’s Journey” for Arab students.

Carefully selected and protected database for student protection

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