Abu Moays negotiates with the International Foundation to help increase cooperation in providing higher education to Arab students

Ramallah – Duniya Al Watan
Research Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mowais, Director General of the International Foundation for Aiding Arab Students (ASAI) in his office today. Dr. Isaac Qutb, a way to enhance collaborative service in the higher education sector, especially in providing scholarships and good credit to Palestinian students and supporting productive scientific research.

Under Secretary of the Ministry was present at the time. Basri Saleh, President of the National Commission for Recognition, Quality and Quality for higher education. Shadi Al Hello, Director General of Scholarship and Student Services, Muammar Sheiwi, and Raed Barakat, Director General of Education at the University.

In this context, Abu Moays praised the efforts of international organizations in helping Palestinian students; Palestinian universities in particular provide scholarships for students as well as good loans that help students complete their education.

The Minister appreciated the interest of the Corporation in feeding the labor market with special expertise in technology, human resource development, investment in scientific skills and promotion of prominent minds in economic and social development projects in the Arab world.

For his part, Qutb evaluated the ministry’s efforts to advance the higher education sector and improve its results, and assessed his interest in supporting and empowering Palestinian students studying at home and abroad, expressing his institution’s readiness to enhance collaborative cooperation; To ensure more support in the Palestinian higher education sector.

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