500 Scholarships for Students at OWL: The Crisis Year Has Become a Record Year

Despite the Corona epidemic, donors are increasing their commitment to OWL study funds. For the first time, 500 scholarships have been collected. But it should not stop there, because students need a lot.

Caroline Nieder-Entgelmeyer

06/02/2021 | June 2, 2021, at 5:58 p.m.

Paderborn. When the corona virus arrived in Germany in the spring of 2020, the OWL Studiofonds Foundation team had the worst expectations. “Because of the poor economic prospects, we feared that companies in particular would withdraw as donors and make it harder to find new donors,” said Julia Kraleman, deputy managing director. Lipe in a year. The year of crisis is turning into a record year. The team expects the same this year. The goal is at least 550 scholarships, because the needs of many students are great.

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